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Targets in first 3 rounds

Bold = player I'd pick
1st. CB: Verett, Fuller
WR: Cooks, Lee, Robinson, Mathews
DL: Hageman, Tuitt
2nd. DB: Breeland, Desir, Joyner, Bucannon, Ward
WR: Moncrief, Bryant, Landry
DL: Sutton, Easley
C: Martin, Swanson
3rd: WR: Richardson, Huff, Latimer
OG: Gabe Jackson, Brandon Thomas
LB: Skov, Smallwood
DB: Purifoy, EJ Gaines, Watkins, Bailey(Safety)

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1st. Hageman-beast
2nd. Joyner-can play the slot and safety
2nd. Landry-just a baller
3rd. Watkins(even with his small arms) competes for playing time
need-based BPA.

WR - Cooks, Beckham, Benjamin (MOVE UP OPTION - Evans)
DL - Hageman, Tuitt, Nix
CB - Dennard, Verret, Roby (MOVE UP OPTION - Gilbert)

In the 1st I want Cooks.

WR - Moncrief, Mathews, Landry, Bryant, Robinson
DL - Sutton
CB - Jean-Baptiste, McGill, Joyner
SS - Bucannon

In the 2nd I want Jean-Baptiste & Bucannon

WR - Norwood, Huff, Coleman
DL - McCullers
SS - Dixon,

I would take McCullers and Coleman.
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