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Path to the Draft

FYI NFL Network Path to the Draft starts Thursday 7pm/ET

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if you're gonna go nerd, better to be a draft nerd.
The day is here
The guys on Path to the Draft all seemed in agreement that Gilbert goes 10 at the latest now that the Lions signed Golden Tate. I wouldn't be surprised if he goes earlier than that, but he won't go later so it would take a lot to trade up.
They did Seattle's draft selections first.

Will they be moving backwards so we'll be choosing this week?
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Looked around and thought this was the most appropriate thread to link this article. My bad if this has been posted, but I thought it was a cool article (written 3/6/14) on how a draft board comes together and mentions several teams. How would you model your scouting department and what strategies would you choose?

Article: Not Just Throwing Darts

"That is how San Francisco does it," Jeremiah says, "they bring all their scouts in there for a long time and watch all the tape.
49ers should be talked about today Friday was about the Broncos
Were the Niners on Path to draft? If so I missed it.

Anyone have a link?
tomorrow they will be covering the 49ers needs according to NFL network
Watch they're going to do a 30 second segment on the 49ers like always....

had to be on johnny football pro day
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Didn't see anything on the 49ers
They're hating on the 49ers again.....
I didn see nothing on the 9ers, it's just the sucking off of manziel
Originally posted by FredFlintstone:
I didn see nothing on the 9ers, it's just the sucking off of manziel

It was all Manziel, all hour long. Maybe tomorrow?
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