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AB's Final Mock Offseason before Free Agency Starts

I'm really starting to get on board with Jimmie Ward. I notice you have the 49ers drafting him and resigning Whitner. Do you envision Ward on special teams and eventually starting next year as he learns his position as a rookie from Whitner? Personally, I feel if we draft a SS in days 1-2, the 49ers want him to start. Yes, not every rookie will be as good as Reid, but I think the 49ers will ask alot from this draft class.

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Nice job...pulled much of it into the 2014 Team Needs post in NT (referencing you, of course). Well done.

Based on the M.O. of this FO, I highly doubt we go this direction in the draft. But I like it...
How do Mike Evans, Benjamin, and Martavious Bryant compare as receivers?
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