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AB's Final Mock Offseason before Free Agency Starts

I'm really starting to get on board with Jimmie Ward. I notice you have the 49ers drafting him and resigning Whitner. Do you envision Ward on special teams and eventually starting next year as he learns his position as a rookie from Whitner? Personally, I feel if we draft a SS in days 1-2, the 49ers want him to start. Yes, not every rookie will be as good as Reid, but I think the 49ers will ask alot from this draft class.
Nice job...pulled much of it into the 2014 Team Needs post in NT (referencing you, of course). Well done.

Based on the M.O. of this FO, I highly doubt we go this direction in the draft. But I like it...
How do Mike Evans, Benjamin, and Martavious Bryant compare as receivers?
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