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AB's Final Mock Offseason before Free Agency Starts

Come on not you AB were not going to draft 5 Wrs or DBS with our first picks in a row
All mocks should be measured against this one. Great Job!
Originally posted by AB81Rules:
Originally posted by matt49er:
Fantastic job as always AB! I really hope it goes like you said, getting Boldin, Whiter & Dawson resigned. Extending Kaep & Miller extended and picking up the 2015 option on Aldon is perfect. With the future cap increases I really think this team is set up even with Kaep's rising salary to keep a very good talent base.

Quick question.....You don't have any outside FAs here which is fine w/me, I doubt we sign any notable players, just wondering if you project absolutely nobody or what?

Probably a vet QB like Henne would work. I hate projecting outside FA signings. Probably a 1yr deal worth like $2M for Henne.

I added a mock, will adjust the tables now.

Same here and that's what I figured, I agree with Henne, his Michigan ties might make Harbs want to go after him. Great mock draft 2 man, hits all our areas of need
Thanks guys.

I updated the tables, don't worry about 2015, we will likely restructure some deals, extend some guys, and do our magic.

I didn't go into depth for 2015, as it's too hard to predict, but we have 11 players making over 10M total, so I dont see those guys with us in 2015.
Great job AB luv all tha great detail u give ...I'm just wondering if after tha combine is it realistic K.Fuller lasting til #56? ??He seemed to have a great workout from what I've read ....
Originally posted by tatdwolf49:
Great job AB luv all tha great detail u give ...I'm just wondering if after tha combine is it realistic K.Fuller lasting til #56? ??He seemed to have a great workout from what I've read ....

I'm probably too low on Fuller overall ranking wise. He is likely a 1st rd pick come May. I would love to see him fall to 56, it would be great, same for Ward.

And thanks. I try to be as detailed as possible.
Love those first 5 picks. Speed at WR, a couple CB prospects and another solid young S.

Seymour might be the sleeper on the line, and/or hope for the two young tackles from last year.
No wonder you're in the mother f**kin hall of fame. So I guess there's not much of a chance we go after Vontae Davis in free agency huh?
Originally posted by MC9BEAT:
Looks pretty good. That was a lot of work.

This. Great job AB81
Abrederis, after his record-setting bench press result...DO NOT WANT.

Great work AB. Amazing.
Boss. AB81 the anti-md dog. great work bruh
I like the idea and all the hard work but I don't get it. If they go and sign Boldin and Whitner to basically 2 year deals Why draft a saftey and a wr with 2 of the first 3 picks. I like both player, I know there worth the pick I'm not saying there bad pick I just don't get why sign two guys then draft there replacements? I like the draft.
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Originally posted by AB81Rules:
My Mock Draft is added now below.

Rd 1

Pick 30 - WR Brandin Cooks, Oregon State

Rd 2

Pick 24 - CB Kyle Fuller, Virginia Tech

Pick 29 - SS Jimmie Ward, Northern Illinois

Rd 3

Pick 13 - CB Keith McGill, Utah

Pick 30 - WR Jared Abbrederias, Wisconsin

Rd 4

Pick 29 - ILB Andrew Jackson, Western Kentucky

Rd 5

Pick 30 - OT Billy Turner, North Dakota State

Rd 6

Pick 29 - QB Jeff Matthews, Cornell

Rd 7

Pick 27 - FB J.C. Copeland, LSU

Pick 28 - OG Spencer Long, Nebraska

Pick 30 - DT Bruce Gaston, Purdue

I like it. Hits most of the needs of WR and secondary with a lot of speed as well. LIke the Turner and Jackson picks to handle areas of lesser need at swing OT and ILB. One quibble with JC Copeland. I am big time on the SAK bandwagon and I would prefer someone like Millard or Enunwa who has some experience as a receiver. Overall evaluation of the offseason...........first rate.
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