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EA Sports Community Mock Draft on 3/2

I was chosen to select for the 49ers in this mock draft that will cover the 1st round of the 2014 draft. All players selected will be placed into Madden 25 via the ultimate team mode, giving players a chance to test out possible future stars such as Clowney and Bridgewater before they make their official debut in Madden 2015 later this year. The only thing that sucks about this draft is that the full draft class isn't in the game, guys who have not signed a waiver such as Johnny Manziel can't be drafted. Out of the players available, who would you like to see me pick for the 49ers at the 30 spot? Keep in mind this is more about having a guy that would be fun to have on your team in Madden, more so than real life needs.

You can keep up with the draft and take a look at players eligble to be selected in this mock here;
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Aaron Donald - DLine.
Justin Gilbert!
lol whoever had the jags pick is an idiot. Full gator boner over there.
Benjamin would be kinda cool
Tuitt and veritt would be cool too
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Some whack picks in that draft...........Purifoy #3 and Evans #5 Benjamin #6
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Originally posted by jimrat:
Some whack picks in that draft...........Purifoy #3 and Evans #5 Benjamin #6

They're Madden players what do you expect?
3 picks out.

Ended up having to take Ward. I wanted Cooks or ODBJ to add a offensive weapon with speed, but the lack of offensive options killed the draft. By the time it was time for me to pick I was ready for it to be over with.
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