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Suprise niners pick that I think really could happen

With the 30th pick in the 2014 nfl draft the 49ers select JEREMIAH ATTAOCHU OLB GEORGIA TECH

not saying it will but with all the legal stuff surrounding aldon and potential suspension from the league from it its certainly not out of the realm of possibility...
Lemonier and Skuta proved they can do an acceptable job at filling in. I don't think Aldon will do any jail time and Goodell has said they'd consider his self imposed exile from last year when they look at his case after the legal issues are settled.

If we see another OLB drafted high I'd say that's a clear sign the 49ers aren't feeling good about Aldon's future stability.
I'd lay 330 to 1 that it will never happen. F-that 1000 to 1 .
Like the player, but not that early. 2nd round at the earliest and 3rd round most likely.
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Originally posted by LasVegasWally:
I'd lay 330 to 1 that it will never happen. F-that 1000 to 1 .

Coming from a guy with Las Vegas as his username lol
If we can't resign Whitner, Calvin Pryor would be a nice addition. He's a FS, but a fierce hitter and in the mold of Goldson/Whitner/Reid.
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Dont need a OLB that early I'd take T.Starr in tha late roundz though ....
Drafting an OLB would be one of the stupidest things this team could do in the 1st round. What would he be 5th on the depth chart? Aldon & Brooks are superstars, Lemonier proved he has a ton of potential and Skuta played great last year, this would be an absolute waste of a pick especially with big needs in the secondary and the need for another WR.
If we do have to replace Aldon, it would certainly have to be an Elephant type linebacker. This guy is more like a standard lb, who can also rush the qb, but we just drafted Lemonier who is similar . Besides, losing #99 would be devastating .

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