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Name the player you think will drop in the first???

The knock I have on Benjamin is he gets tackled way too easily. He has drops which I think he can overcome or lessen to an extent but too many times a db throws their arm out and Brnjamin gets tripped up. But he would almost be uncoverable in the end zone.

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Benjamin will drop like Alshon did.
Originally posted by RishikeshA:
Derek Carr, if the Dolphins and Cardinals pass in the first he'll drop to the second. After Watkins goes in the first I could see some receivers slip into the second and even third.

I watched the Fresno State vs San Jose state game with a focus on qb's. In my opinion, Fales was the better qb in that one game. i truly want Fales in the 4th round.

I think Carr drops to the second.
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