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Ollie Ols Sports presesnt: POST Combine Result

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Spent lots of time watching the combine over the weekend, and so far, I've found some real "Diamonds In The Rough" for the 2014 Day Two of the Draft.

1) I'm now more convinced that we should NOT mind using a 3rd rounder on picking D'Anthony Thomas. His speed and return ability will help our team avoid the long drives that we often found after letting Tedd Ginn go last year. In his college carreer, he touched the ball 359 times and 41 of it went for a TD. That means that for every 9th touches, he scores.. He does not need to be our RB, he can our returner, and if we can somehow be wise enough to use him the way the Saints uses their Midget Back (Sproles), then he sure will be an asset.

2) Charles Sims; RB - West Virigina - the more I saw him run and react, the more I saw some Roger Craig in him. I then watched some of his WVU highlights, and I said to myself, he can be the best back to come out this year after all said and done.

3) DD Williams; RB - Oklahoma - he too was in my 49er Pre Combine Mock 1.0, and I still say that he's got some talent in him. The question is, how much does he want it, the talent is there, but what would he make the same mistake as he did at Oklahoma once he started getting the recognition??
How many RB's can we draft to join the 4 we already have in a crowded backfield? We can draft 1 if they are a return specialist but that is pretty much it.
Not a big enough need to consider using a 2nd or 3rd round pick. Day three and no earlier than the 6th round IMO.
In my mock, I had us signing him as a UDFA. 6th round now seems like a possibility with the 7th round being his likely landing spot IF his interviews went well.
Yea because Running Back is a very big need on this team at this point.
I don't think RB will be considered unless it is someone spectacular.

My "Diamonds" in the rough are:

John Brown - Pittsburgh State
Brandon Coleman - 6'6" 220 - Rutgers

Lavelle Westbrooks - 6' 192 4.60 - Georgia Southern

Jeff Mathews - 6'4" 224 - Cornell

Zack Moore - 6'6" 282 4.94 - Concordia [MN]
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