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Keep an eye on-Terrance West-RB-Towson

Very physical and incredibly productive small school running back that started as a walk-on and ended up as one of the very best RB's in college football. He was measured at 5'9", 225 pounds at the Combine. He ran for almost 5000 yards and 84 TD's at Towson. Hard-working, tough as nails, very determined and competitive player. Projected to be a 4th rounder right now, has the potential to be the best RB from this entire draft.

"Terrance West is the unknown, and whoever gets him is going to be very fortunate," IMG director of football operations Chris Weinke said. "Here's a kid that's faced a lot of adversity in his life and he's overcome it. All he did in college was produce when they gave him the football. No one really talked about Alfred Morris (of the Washington Redskins) coming out. Here's a guy that I think has a lot of the same things Alfred did and, in some ways, probably has a little more. He's more of a receiving threat out of the backfield than Alfred. Terrance West is an explosive guy. He's just a guy that's going to find a way to get it done.'' West knows he's going to get questions from NFL teams in Indianapolis about the level of competition he played against, and he's got his answer ready. "The game doesn't change," West said. "You get a lot of guys that transferred from bigger schools. The competition is strong. It's not like I was playing against robots and now I'm going to go play against human beings. It's no different. The game and the rules don't change. I'm not worried about the competition." West might not have the pedigree of someone that went to a bigger school. But he has plenty of confidence. "I'm a humble guy," West said. "But I feel as though I'm the best back in this draft. People say I went to a small school, but I played against some elite guys. I just feel with my talent and my size, I'm the best back in this draft. I've just got to go out there and prove it."


Former Louisville quarterback Teddy Bridgewater has been inspired by West."Terrance is the guy who really opened my eyes with his talent and work ethic," Bridgewater told USA TODAY Sports.Bridgewater talked about the energy West brought as one of his receivers during 90-minute throwing sessions with Weinke.

"Once Terrance was done with his running back drills, he'd come spend an extra hour catching,'' Bridgewater said. "That's the kind of guy you want around."

West is a one-cut, downhill runner in the mold of Green Bay Packers rookie standout Eddie Lacy. Former NFL and current IMG Academy speed coach Loren Seagrave says West could clock a 4.4 in the 40-yard dash, which could help him climb into the second round.


If you're looking for a true power back, a potential replacement for Gore as a feature back if the naysayers prove to be correct and Lattimore can't come back strong from his injuries, then this is your guy, everything about him screams stud NFL RB.

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Thanks Phoenix.

Do you think we take the plunge?
Originally posted by LasVegasWally:
Thanks Phoenix.

Do you think we take the plunge?

I have no idea honestly but I think most of the RB's this year are kind of.....meh, not one guy that really tends to stick out but as far as things go, West is certainly one of the most impressive, loves the way he keeps his legs churning, how he frequently bounced off defenders or fought through tackles to keep racking up yards. He's a complete back that could be the latest small school RB to wind up playing like a beast in the NFL.
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Big fan of West. I also like James Wilder and Lorenzo Taliaferro as potential late-round backs.
is west a north-south runner?
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Originally posted by hofer36:
is west a north-south runner?

For the most part, although he does have the ability to bounce it outside, but he's basically relentless, finds a hole, attacks and keeps his legs churning, keeps pushing forward. One of the closest things to Marshawn Lynch in the draft. He just keeps banging out yards, even when he gets stopped behind the line of scrimmage he repeatedly found ways to pick 3 or 4 yards.

The level of competition will remain an issue but West is a fine, physically dominant RB. Coming out of high school, he had offers from a bunch of bigger schools but had issues with qualifying academically. He's someone I think could at minimum be a nice change of pace, power back to bring in and start bulldozing defenders late in games and on the goal line.
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Didn't Walter Payton and Jerry Rice play against that small school competition as well?
Towson alumni here with season tix to TU football. West is very much a north-south runner. Hits the whole hard and then makes guys miss. Has good hands as well. Very similar style to Gore. I fully vouch for T-West after watching him in person for 3 years, but im biased. Whatever team gets him will get a stud RB
Who does he compare to in NFL?
Originally posted by LasVegasWally:
Who does he compare to in NFL?

I would say Ray Rice. Similar build and skill set
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Thanks 49ersinMaryland!
Originally posted by 49ersinMaryland:
I would say Ray Rice. Similar build and skill set

I don't know about similar build. At the Combine, Rice came in around 195 pounds, West came in at 230 pounds today, much more stoutly built.