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WR-Davante Adams, Fresno State

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At 6'2" 216lbs, Adams has the look of an NFL ready player. He doesn't seem to have super speed, yet he remains a deep threat because of his tremendous ball skills. He's a natural hands catcher and a fluid mover. I'm not a fan of comparisons, but if I had to, I'd call Adams a poor mans Josh Gordon. Josh can go across the middle though, which is a quality I have not seen in Adams. Still, Adams could finally scratch our deep threat itch and he appears to have that "je ne sais quoi" quality that the good ones possess. With Derek Carr at QB, he registered gaudy stats in his Junior and Senior seasons:

102 rec 1,312 yrds 14 td
131 rec 1,719 yrds 24 td

I have no idea about his personality or work ethic and his highlights are mostly bombs. But I'm a fan of what I've seen and I believe Adams has a bright future. I hope we trade up to get him early in the 2nd, much like they did with Tank.
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Poor man's Crabtree...we have the real Crabtree.
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People seriously don't know how to use TYE search button.
Is it me or do these guys all look similar?
I'm not sold on him.

Frankly, we can do better.

I really want Montcrief.
This dude is almost a carbon copy of Crabtree. Size, speed, agility, and hops are all nearly identical. Both have spectacular catch ability, fantastic college production, and wear the same #. At the least I see Davante Adams being a poor mans Crabtree in the NFL.
Originally posted by LasVegasWally:
I'm not sold on him.

Frankly, we can do better.

I really want Montcrief.

You're not sold on Adams, but you want Moncrief? wtf? A guy that ran a rudimentary route tree, displayed poor hands and a poor catch radius? For a guy his size was pretty soft and would often disappear for huge portions of ole miss games. Only wide receiver I want from ole miss is laquon treadwell. I can understand saying Davante Adams is not an ideal fit for us because we already have a couple possession receivers, but to say you would you're not sold on him and are on Moncrief is laughable.
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Would love to have this guy, TD machine!
3rd-round talent IMO.

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