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Colt Lyerla worth a late round pick?

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Given how many picks we have, and the strength and leadership of our locker room, I wouldn't mind us taking this guy with a later round pick in the 5th, 6th or 7th.

I think we can afford to take a shot and cut him without impact if he fails to make it.... thoughts?
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How he will handle team interviews will definitely be one of the more interesting sideline stories at the combine.
If he's still around in the 7th, I'd take a flyer on him...other than that, I'd pass.
is he the gay guy? do not want
very talented and if it wasn't for the off the field issues, he'd be a late 1st, early 2nd round draft pick.

i'd take a chance on him in the 6th
Yeah I have him in my mock
You should explain who this guy is and put up a vid so I dont have to look up a 6th round pick
This guy only has 34 catches for 565 yards and 11 tds in 2 yrs? Dont see the fuss of a 1st to 2nd round pick
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I would take him in a heartbeat with a late round pick heck yes he is baller.
Originally posted by Since07:
This guy only has 34 catches for 565 yards and 3 tds in 2 yrs? Dont see the fuss of a 1st to 2nd round pick

I was going to post a thread on this earlier,
IMO he is the most talented athlete coming out of the draft this year.

He red-shirted his frosh year, played behind Paulson his soph year, then only played about 4 games his junior year.
Those stats you post are from 4 games.

In oregon he was sometimes used as a RB and i've never seen somebody as big as he is run with such agility. I think he is the clear cut replacement for Davis and Harbaugh should be looking at him because when Colt played Stanford he had a great blocking game and some crucial catches that kept the ducks in it.

Keep in mind he is 6'5 and weighs about 250.
Doing 62' box jumps and can run a 4.4?
Count me in

10/6/13 - Oregon tight end Colt Lyerla, one of the most talented players at the position in all of college football, has shockingly withdrawn from school five games into his junior season. Lyerla did not play in the Ducks' win at Colorado on Saturday, serving a one-game suspension for a violation of team rules, head coach Mark Helfrich said. They had previously clashed after Lyerla missed the win over Tennessee because of illness, but Helfrich attributed Lyerla's absence to "circumstances." Lyerla was upset and went public with his displeasure at Helfrich's phrasing. However, a statement released by the school indicated that Lyerla departed on good terms with Helfrich and the football program. "I love everyone at Oregon," Lyerla said. "Just for my own benefit, it was time to move on."

10/24/13 - According to the police report, Lyerla was in a parked vehicle "snorting what appeared to be a white powdery substance." When approached by police, the report said, Lyerla admitted to using and possessing cocaine. He then agreed to meet with detectives at his residence to continue the investigation. But the report says that once at the residence, Lyerla ran from the vehicle into a nearby apartment. Lyerla was arrested when he emerged from the residence a short time later.

Lyerla (6-foot-5, 246 pounds) was considered one of the nation's top tight ends entering the season, but he had just two receptions in three games before leaving the team Oct. 6 for what was termed "personal reasons." He still was considered a draftable prospect, but this arrest likely changes things.

NFC North scout: "The kid comes from a tough background and is a bit of a problem child. ... He really struggles when he gets away from a structured environment. In fact, the coaching staff constantly worried about his whereabouts and dealings whenever he was away from campus on extended breaks. Now, I would worry about bringing him into my building, but he is definitely a big-time talent with the potential to become a special player as a pro, if it comes together."

"He's a gifted, gifted kid but he has a bunch of off-the-field issues," Mike Mayock said. "He's probably a first- or second-round talent. Whether or not he gets drafted is part of the process going forward. Because of the talent, there will be somebody on the third day that says, 'OK, we're now at the risk/reward part of the program where we're willing to invest a fifth-round pick in this kid because he's a first-round talent.'"
Sorry, but I'm not really excited about adding a guy that bails on the team and two weeks later is arrested for pursuing what apparently was his first priority - cocaine. Not sure what troubles me more - the fact that he's an idiot that ran from the police in order to flush his stash or that he's so selfish that he bailed on his teammates half way through the season.
No. But If he's undrafted I would be cool with bringing him in as a UDFA to see if he can get his s**t together.
Originally posted by ChazBoner:
is he the gay guy? do not want

I won't lie, I laughed at your response only cause I believe you're being facetious.
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Originally posted by SonocoNinerFan:
No. But If he's undrafted I would be cool with bringing him in as a UDFA to see if he can get his s**t together.

Yeah but if you wait for him as an UDFA you are competing against every other team in the league. We've got four 7th round picks and a stacked roster, rather than taking a shot on someone who might not make it talent wise I'd rather take a shot on someone with off field issues that could be a star, even if we have to pay for a minder for him to babysit 24/7.

The guy could be a monster, he needs his life straightened out but I think we have the locker room and FO to do that.

Edit: Look what we did with Boone and with Aldon!!
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