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Ollie Ols Sports prensent: 49er Mock Draft 1.0 (pre combine)

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I LOVE the first 3 picks!!
Just my opinion, but I pray our draft doesn't go this way.
Only concern is that NO WR prospects??
Originally posted by ElephantHaley:
Only concern is that NO WR prospects??

Only concern? How about the picks of the two biggest bust offensive lineman at the Senior Bowl in Richardson and Henderson? I think taking a small school guy like Desir as your first CB is a bit risky, too. Thomas is taken way early, too IMO. Don't like this mock at all.
With Crabb, Anquan, and the late showing if Patton, I personally feel that we don't need to draft a WR very early.. I think we can give Baldwin another year and see how he develops. He's got the size, speed and the is very young. Maybe he just needs to learn the offense.

If we want a WR, then I say we move up and do what we can in order to land Watkins. Other than that, I think we'll be fine w/ the addition of Seferian-Jenkins and be creative on how to use the speed D'Anthony Thomas in the slot.

As for the CB, don't forget that both McKyer and Griffin were drafted from small schools and became a starter from Day One..

And for Richardson and Henderson, would it really hurt to use a 4th and a 6th rounder on these guys??
deanthony thomas might become the next lamichael james for the niners-is he a running back or receiver in the nfl? i didnt see him lining wide and running alot of pass routes for the ducks

as far as seantrel henderson i think he has the physical talent to be a starter but they said he was one of the worst interviews at the sr bowl--couldnt even diagram a play for the teams interviewing him (how imporatant that is for a olineman i dont know)
Any scenario that has us selecting a tight end in the first 3 rounds, no matter how good the player is, just doesn't seem right to me. We also need to select at least one receiver, preferably with blazing speed. Our first two picks need to contain a defensive back or wide out of some sort,
Wasted draft IMO
We have 2 WR under contract
1after next year
Yet we draft 0 WRs in a great year for WRs...
Draft 2 more DL in an already crowded and stacked DL
We need help at CB and we draft potential but he might take a year or two
And a late round coin flip CB
Two raw OL
Just bad overall
Some interesting picks but not quite on target.

We have 12 picks in a deep WR draft and no WR's. Yeah we have 3 good ones if Boldin is retained. It usually takes time to develop receivers. Crabtree and Patton didn't exactly lite it up as rookies. Neither did John Taylor or TO. With Boldin's age we need to start now. Also need depth now. Last year we lost Crabtree and Patton and the year before we lost Manningham and Williams. What if we have injuries again this year?

2 picks early for the D-Line? Don't forget we are already adding 2 others, Tank Carradine and Dial from last years draft who redshirted the year plus Ian Williams will be back. I could see 1 early pick but not 2. Not with our needs.

A return man in round 3? We need one but there are some good prospects for returners available in the later rounds. Rather use the pick on a WR or CB.

Fix round 3 , take out Quarles and Thomas and replace them with a WR and a CB and you have a better mock.
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Trade the Quarles 3rd rounder to Donte Moncrief WR Ole Miss and I would LIKE it. I Like Ra'shede, I Like Sefarian Jenkins (VD can't play forever and Vance MacDonald with this dude would give the 49ers HUGE RedZone Targets something They've LACKED HARDCORE the Last 3 Years). I don't know too much about that small school CB.
Also De'Anthony Thomas in the 3rd is too early. I like him in the 6th or later. We need him STRICTLY as a returner
Originally posted by ElephantHaley:
Also De'Anthony Thomas in the 3rd is too early. I like him in the 6th or later. We need him STRICTLY as a returner

What's the point. We have LMJ already.
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