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P52's 1st mock *Edited 2nd option

I haven't been able to do many eval's and research as years past, but finally getting around to reading most of your threads and firing myself up for the combine!

Don't kill me too bad on this and or my rankings! Rusty on my range until the combine is over so i'm not sure this mock is realistic..

From what I get out of the first round, seems like we are def. going DB or WR. I wouldn't be against going DL. I don't like the idea of trading away picks unless it helps in future drafts. 'ALA' Patriots!

So with that being said, here is my first pick...

#30- DB Calvin Pryor- If Whitner leaves via FA, this gives us a quick replacement that can hit, has size, and combined with Reid gives us youth to hopefully form our own L.O.B.
Option 2- I would like- Allen Robinson WR- good blend of size and vision and can leap out of the gym!

#56- WR Odell Beckham Jr.- Fills a need at WR regardless of Boldin staying. Need some young talented WR's to keep around and obvious need in the return game.
Option 2= Deone Bucannon DB- Like Whitner in a lot of ways and will move up after the combine.

#61- DB Stanley Jean Baptiste- Gives us size that we need on the back end, and will prob move up boards due to his size. Brown could be gone, and now we can focus on other needs for the rest of the draft after taking 2 DB's early, but I would love to come out with at least 3 by the end of this draft.
Option 2= Donte Moncrief WR- Good size and speed while being in the draft range to not totally be a waste like Jenkins was.

#77- C Weston Richburg- Been hearing a lot about this guy. Provides depth at center and fills a need.
Option 2- Bryan Stork C- Started a lot of games, gritty, hard nosed center to replace Goodwin.

#94- ILB Chris Borland- The few Wisconsin games I watched this year had me zoned in to this kid! Poor man's Kuechly. Not sure he fits, but the guys motor is unreal.
Option 2- Andre Williams RB- Powerful low to the ground runner, that could be needed if Lattimore cant stay healthy. Gore is aging and Hunter has been hurt too.

#125- QB Aaron Murray- Obviously need a back up. Holds a ton of SEC records. Why not?
Option 2- Move back and select a QB, Brett Smith to be exact.

#158- DB Antone Exum- Injuries have him dropping, but I am a huge VT fan and have seen enough of him to know he is not a bust when healthy!
Option 2- Deion Belue DB- Needs to improve as a tackler, but his speed will be easy to fit him in and be very useful.

#189- DL Josh Mauro- We are always looking at Stanford products and obvious need for depth on the DL.
Option 2- Trade or draft special teams and the return game.

#218- DL Deandre Coleman- Cal product who had 28 career TFL and and 8 sacks. I doubt he falls this far, but would be nice.
Option 2 - Trade or ST

#219- Im gonna say at least 3 of our picks get traded and it's hard to determine anything late in drafts. I will leave that to you guys to give me some insight here.
#220- Trade/Camp body
#221-Trade/Camp body
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I don't think Beckham Jr. , Mauro and Coleman will still be there when you have them being picked. Pryor may also be gone but there is a chance he could still be there.
Nice Mock. Would be very happy with those top 6 players, not sure they'd all be there, but who knows what is going to happen.

I like Mauro and Coleman, I just question the need, but BPA should win out over need. Just feel confident w/the starting DE's, TJE, Carridine and Lawrence Okoye's chances of making an impact. But then again, Dobbs is a free agent, so there's a spot right there and McDonald and Smith aren't getting any younger.
I like it. Pryor and Reid could be deadly. They are very similar and fit with Fangios interchangeable safety model. It's a huge drop for Beckham, but if he's there he'd be a steal.
Maybe we could package some picks and move up to get both. Maybe a DB at 30 then WR at 40. We all saw what happened with Reid and the move to get Kaep.
Originally posted by fortyniner52:
Maybe we could package some picks and move up to get both. Maybe a DB at 30 then WR at 40. We all saw what happened with Reid and the move to get Kaep.

I'm kinda thinking the 49ers could be all over the place during the draft (bolded). There won't be enough room to sign all draft picks and chances are, the 49ers won't be able to stash three of them on IR for the entire season.

Given the current level of talent and depth on this team, I'm predicting some future pick moves. I don't really see anyone in the first the 49ers HAVE to move up to get. So, I'm figuring for a less exciting draft than last year, with maybe one player seeing regular playing time in 2014.

Personally, I don't want to see any more Cooper type players - starters 49ers drafted, cut, and now starting for another team. Don't want to see any more Wesley Walls moves either.
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I agree. Maybe they could move back and still get Roberson, Landry, or DL? Stack some mad picks for next year's draft.

Maybe Lattimore doesn't pan out, maybe Boldin plays 1 yr of a 2 yr plus his age, Willis will have more mileage, Cowboy will def. be done. which I know they are trying to fix all that now, but I want them to be 3 years ahead of the game!

Just like the Pats do with their past drafts.
I still wanna know if the AJ Jenkins pick was a last minute desperation pick? or they really thought he was gonna shine? Brian Quick hasn't produced much either, but the Rams have had bad QB play.

That pick will always puzzle me! Kinda like the Taylor Mays situation, but we all pretty much know why that happened!
I also like looking at it from the 53 man view. If any of these fill our roster I will be happy...

QB= Kaep, Murray* (Fales or Taj Boyd, Brett Smith)

RB= Gore, Hunter, Lattimore, (Seastrunk, Andre Williams, Rajon Neal, Isiah Crowell)

FB= Miller, Tukuafu, (Trey Millard)

WR= Crab, Boldin, Patton, Beckam* (Benjamin, Landry, Moncrief, Abbredarius, Robinson, Janis)

TE= Davis, McDonald, Celek

OL= Staley, Davis, Kilgore, Boone, Goodwin, Looney (Richburg, Larsen, Wilkes)

DL= JSmith, McDonald, Dorsey, IanW., Tank, Dial, JEddie (Hageman, Coleman)

OLB= ASmith, Brooks, Moody, Skuta, Lemonier

ILB= Willis, Bowman, Wilhoite, Borland** (Smallwood, Skov)

CB= Brown, Brock, Cully, Baptiste* (Roby, Fuller, Roberson, McGill, Desir)

S= Reid, Pryor*, Exum* Spillman, (Ward, Buchannon, Reynolds)

K= Dawson
P= Lee
LS= McDermott
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I actually kinda started to touch myself while reading your mock. Wow!

Originally posted by BadgerHawk:
I actually kinda started to touch myself while reading your mock. Wow!

HAHA! I doubt it's even close, but one can hope I guess
I would really like this draft. But some players are probably not going to be there when we pick. I think Odell Beckham JR goes in the late 1st early 2nd.
Mock 2.0 after a few signings....

1st ROUND trade with the Bengals for Iupoti
#24- CB VT Darqueze Dennard= With his recent drop in a lot of mocks I feel SF can go up and grab him without losing much ground.
FIlls an obvious need at CB and with that being the most glaring need, hard to see the 1st round going in a different direction.

#56- WR Ole Miss Donte Moncrief= With his stellar combine performance he will be too risky to wait on in the 3rd. This WR class is obviously deep, but the fire sale begins in the 20's of the 1st round to around where we are selecting...
2nd need filled and with a FA still being out there that we add, the WR core will finally be exactly where we want it!

#61 DE Florida Dominique Easley= Yes, he has injury concerns, but this is clearly a BPA and depth for the aging J.Smith and possibly a future steal.
This is not so much a pick of need. This is a pick for the future...Tank Carradine 2.0

#77 CB Nebraska Stanley Jean Baptiste= Size in the back end is where everything is heading. Seattle obviously opened up a can of worms there.
Also, with the NFC west WR matchups and the growth each year of the passing game, we need all the DB's we can bring to camp!!

#94 C Arkansas Travis Swanson= Doubt Jonathan Martin plays center! So here is Kilgore's backup plan...
3rd need filled.

#125 ILB Stanford Shayne Skov= Harbs has yet to get any Stanford products. Finally pulls the trigger here, and gives depth until Bowman gets back.
This is not entirely a need in my opinion, but def. a contingency plan for Bowman.

5th ROUND (I feel this pick could be traded away) I had a QB here, but the addition of Gabbert changed that plan. (Logan Thomas)
#158 S Baylor Ahmad Dixon= Bethea is gonna fit in just fine, but he is getting older and we need someone that can step in that is not clearly a special teamer.
Was a need, but now is just more depth at this point.

6th ROUND (traded for Gabbert)

#219 FB/TE Oklahoma Trey Millard= Bruce Miller went down and we had small trouble adjusting after that, Trey can open things up and form some mismatches.
Our new...Delanie Walker!
Fills a need unless you like Tukuafu as the FB?

7th ROUND (Could be traded to move up or another team wanting to move)
#220 WR Fresno St. Isaiah Burse= Camp fodder, local city selection, but im sure all of Carr's stats wasn't because of him! Also, will compete at KR
Hope to get more picks in the 2015 draft at this point, but Tom Brady was a 6th rd pick! never know.

#222 DB Liberty Walt Aikens= I think is a steal at this pick, but also could be well gone by this time. at 6'1 he has the size that we are looking for and could transition to safety if needed.
More bodies the better for the biggest camp battle this year.

I will do my 3.0 closer to draft time....
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