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What player would you like to trade draft picks for this year?

We got a steal when we got boldin for a 6th round pick last year. I've seen some mocks that have LMJ traded away for draft picks and others that have J martin brought in for late round picks.

What trade would you like to happen that isn't so realistic?

What trade would you like to happen that is?

The trade I would love to see that isn't realistic would be trading Rogers and a couple high draft picks away to Arizona for Patrick Peterson. Now obviously this won't happen, but if we had a true #1 shut down corner like him to go along with culliver, brock, and either a draft pick or brown that would give us 1 of the best units in the game.

The trade I would like to see that is a little more realistic would be amini silatolu from Carolina. I believe he could be brought in relatively cheap. It would probably cost us a 4th/5th plus a 6th/7th. Now this kid struggled in Carolina his 1st year and is also coming off an acl injury. He would give us an insurance policy at guard. In the next couple of years we're going to lose either boone or Iupati. He's not as good as either player but he's a hell of a lot better than Looney, I have no faith in Looney. We could lose Iupati and not have that big off a drop off at guard. He's a bit smaller and weaker than Iupati but the kid has a mean streak to him. I went to high school with him and have played against him. So naturally I've followed him through college and in the pros.

Like many posters I wouldn't mind seeing LMJ traded away for a draft pick. With Lattimore in the mix, RB is too crowded. I also would like to see C rogers traded away for some picks if any team is dumb enough to take on his contract.
The obvious player would easily be Josh Gordon as mentioned lots on this board. It really may be a possibility given how much of a circus they been recently