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Can't I made a mock!

Acquiring both Johnathan Martin and Michael Sam could give the 49ers a lot of unwanted media attention.

The media would have a field day writing stories about those two.
I dont get why everyone is acting like were going to draft Michael Sam. Mainly the media. His position is not even close to a priority, and being in general relativity of a gay tolerant city makes little difference. Its purely stereotypical, which is annoying.
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I agree with you Corva on pretty much everything except Stephon Tuitt play NT, hes got the size of a NT no doubt, but I think you hinder his skills by putting him on the inside. Tuitt is better utilized as an End with his pass rush skills, I compare him more to Richard Seymour than any NT.

And GEEK, that's a lot of trades, I don't think Baalke is willing to move up that much spending 5 picks and LaMichael James. But I do like majority of your picks, I would love to have Michael Sam, that dude can play, I think he'd be a steal in the 3rd.
Those are some pretty good moves, but I think Snyder we should keep if we don't find a successor to Goodwin in the draft, Iupati, I think would be a mistake to let go, I think in Iupati, the coaches should have taken him out earlier in the year because he was really nicked up and the rest would have made him healthy and we would have seen the true Iupati in the lineup.
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Some people do other stuff when they can't sleep
Delmas at SS is worrisome. The man is made of glass.
Take sleeping pills. It seems you like collecting mediocre players haha.
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This draft makes me sleep
It put me to sleep
Looks good except for the fruitcake

Go back to bed and come back when you are better rested.
Delmas's knees are in such bad shape that he sat out a minimum of 2 practices weekly just to be able to play on Sundays. Would be a terrible signing.

And why are you using 2 early picks on the front 7?

We're going to have Carradine and Ian Williams available for 2014, Tony Jerod-Eddie proved himself this year, and we have Quinton Dial to develop too.
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Originally posted by fanmusclecars:
Delmas at SS is worrisome. The man is made of glass.

If we were to not re-sign Whitner and trade up, why not draft Clinton-Dix or Pryor?
We def don't need D-Line especially with our "redshirt"p layers comin in. Secondary is def a priority. Safety, Corner and WR are the positions of need. Even if Wright is resigned, we'll need a corner early.
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