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Dion Bailey, S USC

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I like what I see in this guy. Really productive and a Junior. Played LB as a Fresh/Soph and switched to Safety which is where we wanted to play. We can put him at SS. At this time we can probably get him in the 3rd. What do you guys think?
Actually he's a Safety that only switched to OLB his Soph year because of lack they had at the position and Bailey is a very instinctive tackler. I've been preaching this guys name for months on this board and think he won't last til the third when all is said and done, maybe if we're lucky the Tenn pick in the third. He's badass man and I think flying under the radar a little, I'd love to get him and would easily spend a 2nd on him if we lose Whitner
I'm a USC fan been watching Dion Bailey play closely. I like him a lot. He's a very good player. Might be taken as the 1st SS off the board
would definitely like him in rd 2... a 40-60 prospect, IMO.
Been in every one of my mock drafts so far. I think he is a guy who can really fit in with this defense and prove to be a piece that was missing.. (a strong safety who can play man coverage and cover the deep part of the field)
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I'm really unexcited about bailey and the media hasn't been hyping him at all so he'll probably end up being elite lol
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