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Would you be okay if the Niners drafted a Tight End in the first round?

Would you be okay if the Niners drafted a Tight End in the first round?

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Just a thought. It would be pretty nice to have another TE like Vernon to replace Delanie. With so many WRs available, we could even grab a good one with the 2nd or 3rd pick. Defenses would be stressing having to cover a dual threat TE offense, along with Crab, Boldin, Patton, Rookie!

Some top TE prospects 1st rounders:

Eric Ebron*, TE, North Carolina Height: 6-4. Weight: 245. Projected 40 Time: 4.65.

Jace Amaro*, TE, Texas Tech Height: 6-5. Weight: 260. Projected 40 Time: 4.68.

Austin Seferian-Jenkins*, TE, Washington Height: 6-6. Weight: 266. Projected 40 Time: 4.60.

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I don't actually think we need a "cover corner" per se, and I think there are a ton of corners from rounds 3-6 that are really good for our scheme and could end up being just as productive as those picked in rounds 1-2. So to your question, if there's a highly rated TE available at #30, we should take a long look. However, I highly doubt we go that route given how little we throw the ball in general and how few touches our TEs not named Vernon get anyway.
sure ...if they can trade vance mcdonald for a 1st rd pick
I like Seferian Jenkins A LOT but they drafted Vance Macdonald very high last year #55 overall 2nd rounder, I highly doubt they take one early. Also gotta give Macdonald a chance to grow as a pro.
They already barely throw the ball to the #2 TE as is, not really a fan of this move, not with McDonald developing as the #2, with Celek on board and a guy like Millard you can take late in the draft to develop into the H-back role.
Highly unlikely, I think they go DL in the first.
He is awesome and i would love him on the team and he would make the offense better but the fact he wont be there at 30 and we are not moving up for a TE stops the idea. 2nd if he was there at 30 that means Mcdonald has to sit sends a bad message and would mean another draft bust by Balkee and 3rd we got bigger issues to deal with like finding a future WR or help in the secondary or replacing Whitner.
we should get delanie walker back but he doesn't like being the #2 guy
Originally posted by RishikeshA:
Highly unlikely, I think they go DL in the first.

I would be okay with that DL is not a huge need but if a pass rusher who is to good to pass up on is there it's worth doing our D line seems to wear out towards the end of the season the last 2 seasons more good pass rushers to rotate is always a good thing.
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No, CB or WR will make more of an immediate impact (providing he isn't a dud) and necessary for the immediate future. A TE and DL not so much since we drafted some high in last years draft. Plus they won't get much playing time-waste.

McDonald will be fine. Dude has good speed and an attitude like Jeremy Shockey. I think with more opportunities I think he'll do fine.
Originally posted by RishikeshA:
Highly unlikely, I think they go DL in the first.

SS, CB, WR and C.....dline shouldn't be a top priority when we need to replace starters at said positions.
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If you wanna ad a 1. round talent TE i would take a flyer on Colt Lyerla in the 7th or as a UDFA. Clearly first round talent but comes with a lot of baggage and character issuses.
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Total waste of a pick.

Much rather trade it than take a TE.
If we did McDonald would be our #3 TE and our 3 TE's would be the best group in the league. Would give us a lot of options because McDonald would be one of the best #3's in the league and could be a receiving threat which a #3 normally isn't. That being said I'm not anywhere close to giving up on McDonald. We didn't use him as a receiver and yeah he dropped balls so it was some what his fault but Roman and Kap didn't help at all. If we get a TE I get one in the late rounds at the earliest to compete with Celek. Celek would probably win and the pick would probably go on the PS. Anyways, we just have too many needs even if Boldin and Whitner were back. We still need a CB if Brown is gone. Still could use a C/G for competition with Kilgore/possibly take over at G for Iupati after this year. If they were completely confident in Kilgore and Looney (after this year for Iupati) as replacements and then Brown, Whitner, Boldin were all back that's the only I'd think about 1st round TE and even then it's a long shot.
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