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2014 Draft a NT

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Don't need one, Dorsey and Williams is good. Agree with the above though that if Tuitt was there I'm all for it, he can play anywhere, him and Tank for the future is scary with Aldon, Brooks and Lemon........DAAAYYYYMMMNN

Dorsey, Williams and Dial give us plenty of depth and we have 6'3", 303 Mike Purcell on the PS. If we draft a NT it will be sometime in the 7th and purely for training camp/development purposes.
Dial is 6'6" and showed me nothing that says hes better than all NT in this draft.

Thankfully he doesn't have to show you anything, especially if you're insistent on seeing a mid-round pick who missed OTAs/training camp come in and dominate. He just has to prove to his coaches that he's worthy of that role and if fully healthy and familiar with the playbook, I think he'll be fine long term.
Originally posted by lucky_49:
TJE played nose?

No, OP is delusional. Quinton Dial played NT when Dorsey was injured for one game.

No NT. Dorsey, Ian Williams and Dial are fine.
Originally posted by Phoenix49ers:
Mister Cobble in the 7th, I'm holding firm on that. Here he is apparently planning on eating Teddy Bridgewater.

A giant ball like him in tha 7th h*ll why not
You start the season about 2 deep at most positions. The first two got hurt, so a guy played out of position for a bit. That's life with roster limits. We aren't going to draft a rookie NT that will bounce Dorsey or Williams from the roster.
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Originally posted by Butter:
Last season the 9ers had to rely on Jerod-Eddie at NT when their primary guys were injured.

I really think they need to finally bite the bullet and draft a legit NT. This would also allow Jerod-Eddie to focus on DE.

At no point in the last two years have the 49ers had to rely on TJE to play nose tackle.

In the last two years , TJE has not taken a single snap at nose tackle.

In 2013, Tony Jerod-Eddie played 385 snaps at DE and O snaps at nose tackle.

In 2012, He played 10 snaps at DE and 0 snaps at nose tackle.

snap count numbers from PFF
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Terence Knighton was the only player on the Broncos who exhibited dominance during the big game. I'm relatively certain he'll never be a Niner, but when I was watching the SB I couldn't help but imagine him in our front seven.
We do need a nose tackle we got bye with patch work at that position we need an anchor in the middle of the defense to free up our middle backers!!!!
If you want a true might as well draft this guy

Daniel McCullers - DT Tennessee - 6'6 352
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Originally posted by BadgerHawk:
Beau Allen, DT, Wisconsin Height: 6-3. Weight: 325. Projected 40 Time: 5.39. Projected Round (2014): 4-6.
2/8/14: Wisconsin got a good season out of Allen as he was a tough run-defender at the point of attack. Allen had 20 tackles with two tackles for a loss and 1.5 sacks. He could be a nose tackle in a 4-3 or 3-4 defense in the NFL.

8/10/13: Allen broke into the starting lineup as a junior and was a solid run-stuffer for the Badgers. He had 37 tackles with 7.5 tackles for a loss, 2.5 sacks and two passes defended. Allen chipped in 22 tackles, 5.5 tackles for a loss and four sacks in 2011. He may be best in the NFL as a nose tackle who is mainly used for run defense.

Has a motor and has played DT and Nose.


This was my guy this year and still is. Pretty positive this guy will be around in the 3rd or 4th.
Very stout run defender with a good motor, kept an eye on this guy and really loved what I saw. I think he's the perfect fit for the 9ers.

Another question is, do we really want that traditional 3-4 NT-type of guy? As fans, we keep wishing for that 330+ pound, 2-gap type of guy, but that's not necessarily the type of NT that this staff seems to look for. They seem perfectly happy with 300 pounders with strength and movement skills.
Originally posted by solidg2000:
If you want a true might as well draft this guy

Daniel McCullers - DT Tennessee - 6'6 352

this guy was a bright spot on an otherwise poor defense, he's worth a look.
If Baalke's going to draft a DL, I think it's more important to take someone who can play the 5-technique. We have both Dorsey and Ian Williams to man NT. Both are entering the final year of their contracts, but management's high on both guys. Dial could be part of the solution, although based on seeing him play a few snaps, he'll have to learn to play with a lot more leverage vice trying to do it with brute strength. Back to my point about taking a 5-technique guy, a couple Baalke might consider are Hageman and Tuitt. The latter's arguably the most NFL-ready...Hageman's got the size and talent, he'll just need to be coached up to be more consistent.
Originally posted by GhostofFredDean74:
Our run defense wore down because our offense ran the 30th fewest plays in the league, putting tremendous pressure on our front seven. With that, our rush defense was still 4th in the league which is amazing. Knowing Williams and Dial will very likely be back healthy, they'll get all the reps behind Dorsey (who played really well for us). Though I agree you always want to upgrade that role, we don't actually know if a healthy Williams and Dial are already perfect upgrades. If the team ends up picking a NT in the early-to-mid rounds, we'll know how they feel about their depth there. I personally don't see them doing that though.

49ers were in the middle of the pack in time of posession. That being said, i'd like to see them draft a bonafide NT, but perhaps in the later rounds, a guy like Daniel McCullers.
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