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QB Mettenberger vs. QB Murray

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Originally posted by JamesGatz83:
Aaron Murray is not nearly as mobile as some of you seem to think he is. He moves well in the pocket but he is by no means a scrambler or a threat to run in the NFL.

To me, he's a very poor man's Drew Brees. Rob Rang compared him to Matt Barkley, which I also think is fair. There are actually a lot of similarities between him and Colt McCoy as well.

Matt Barkley.....disagree, I think Murray distributes the ball much better both Barkley and McCoy.....compareable to Colt McCoy is laughable, Murray doesn't hesitate to pull the trigger like McCoy does and has much more poise in the pocket than both QB's mentioned.
Mettenberger has looked terrific up to this point. Obviously its preseason and all that good stuff but he's looked confident, decisive, has made accurate throws, has shown off his big arm, everything is looking good so far for a guy who fell all the way to the 6th round.
Mettenberger might get a shot at some point this year. Unlikely Murray is going to see the field in a long time. But, his girlfriend is quite attractive.
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