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Draft Mock To Have A Dynasty For Years To Come

Resign : Anquan Bolden
Resign : Phil Dawson

Cut/Released : Carlos Rodgers
Cut/Released : Jonathan Baldwin

Sighn : Devin Hester Kr/ PR

Let Walked in Free Agency : Donte Whitner

Trade Lamachal James for 4th round pick

Trade our 1st round and 3 rd pick and 7th rd pick for Dallas 17

Trade our 5th and 6th pick for 2015 3 rd pick

1st Round pick: Kelvin Benjamin 6'5 WR

I feel that Kelvin Benjamin is flat out better than Mike Evans. Mike Evans just gets in front of DBs and let's the ball hit him in the chess and halls it in which really it was a hood through from Johnny Football. On the other hand Kelvin Benjamin do have some dropped balls but post of the time the ball is throw high yo were even if the ball is over thrown there's no way the db can touch the ball even the mighty Richard Sherman. Kelvin stretches his arms out and brings it in, Kapernick wouldn't have to throw it on the money every time just through it up to were your Wr can only get it and that would end our 3rd down conversation problems. HE ALSO HAS UNDERRATED SPEED, HE JUST DOESNT HAVE A GOOD ACCELERATION BUY WITH HIS LONG LEGS HE CAN BECOME A DEEP THREAT.

2nd Round Pick: Lamarcus Joyner 5'8 CB/SS Flat out stud, has the speed to cover the slot Wr and also help with his hitting power in the run game. He can start from day 1. He has that hunger and that passion that will make him a beast and playmaker that we need. He remind me of a Tyrann Mathew type of player he plays till the whistle blow. Also he has played safty at one point and with Reid getting head injury every 5 games he can come in and do a solid job while he heals. We got lucky last year because he didn't missed a game but what if he did who would back him up Spillman. LOL DONT THINK SO.

Jarvis Landry 6'0 WR

Jarvis has very good strong hands like Bolden and Crabtree. He's also a good route runner. He doesn't posses the height and speed but he has good acceleration and footwork to get separation without Anquan Bolden being back he can be mentored to be our 2nd and 3rd best receiver when Bolden finally retires. I Also belive that we won't be able to give Crabtree another extension he's going to want to get Megatron type of money. So we need a back up for him 2.

3rd round pick: Deone Buccannon 6'2 FS
While Donte Whitner leaving we need a safty. He's a hard hitting when he gets the chance and oppurtunity to lay the lumber he can and he can also drop back into coverage and cover not like Donte. If Deone doesn't work out which I think he will we have Telvin Smith to learn the position and compete with Deone.

3rd round pick : Stanley Jean-Baptist 6'3 CB At 6'3 he's very long and strong reminds me of Browner. He's also sort of fast but not really but with his ability to press he can stick with you stride for stride and recover with his long arms I don't plan on playing him this year because he used to be a wr and change to cb so he still needs to get his technic on track.

[b]4th round pick: Lache seastrunk 5'9 RB

Straight up beast he's strong and fast I mean Jamaal Charles fast that's a type of rb we need , Frank Gore is getting older and who knows what Marcus Lattimore is going to do we need a back up plan and this guy I belive he can be a starter in a couple of years

4th round pick: Tyler Larsen 6'3 C

Goodwin is old and I'm thinking he's going to retire Larsen seems like he can fit our system and Stork as well but I rather get Larsen. Just my opinion.

7th round pick: Aaron Colvin CB
would have been a 2nd round pick or early 3rd round pick he tore his ACL we red shirt him like Lattimore

7th round pick : Tre Millerd FB
Flat out monster he can catch , block , play te , he's a football player that can just play

Spencer Long OG
Another red shirt but has huge upside

Let me know what you guys think about my mock all opinions count.
How do we have Telvin Smith if you didn't pick him?
My favorite mock yet if it actually happened! Problem is picks from 2nd - 4th most likely won't be there
Pretty good, but I don't think Bucannon will be there in the third round. Also, it would be a great mock if you just switched Landry with someone like Brandin Cooks. Wouldn't be wise to draft two physical possession receivers. We should draft one big guy that can stretch the field like Benjamin, Donte Moncrief, Martavis Bryant, and then one quick and fast guy like Cooks or Beckham.
Nice mock, but I don't think; Joyner will be available in the late 2nd round, Bucannon in 3rd or SJB in the late 3rd round. I doubt Aaron Colvin is there in the late 7th round. Hopefully Millard and Long are there in the late 7th round, as I've mocked them there in the 7th, but I have my doubts. But if it does happen I'd be ecstatic.

Not high on the Lache Seastrunk pick in the 4th. I want to see what we have in Marcus Lattimore and I think the team also sees something in Jewel Hampton who has spent the year on the practice Squad. I also wouldn't mind seeing an under the radar signing of Peyton Hillis a FB/RB option. He has ability and low mileage the last 3 years.

Not in favor of the 2 for 1 pick. I would not do a 5th and 6th for a 4th next year. I would rather do a 5th for a 4th or a 6th for a 5th. I'd even go our late round 5th and 6th for the Jags, Raiders or Jets 5th and 6th rounder in 2015, depending on who did or didn't address the QB position. Preferrably, I'd do two 7th's for two 7th's in 2015.

Overall nice mock.
No way Seastrunk will be around in the fourth. I would be suprised if he made it to the third.
Hester is in the twilight of his career...sign a vet CB, instead. I don't see Baalke re-signing Brown unless it's after he's tested FA waters and realizes he's not going to get a huge contract.

I don't see Baalke drafting two WR's among the first 3 picks...he might take one. I like Benjamin, but don't think they'll have a shot at him unless they trade up. Not sure TB will do that for a WR. Best CB on the board would make a lot of sense. Beckham should be available.

- Joyner may be a stud, but he's a 5-8 one. You just don't see many CB's in the NFL that size...receivers have gotten so big and swift, it's hard for the smaller CB's to deal with them. I really like Kyle Fuller, 6 ft, 195.

- Agree, Bucannon should be picked in 2nd rd.

- Baptiste or McGill would be good picks to add some real size to our secondary.

- Not sure we need a RB...still have Hampton on PS, plus Lattimore, Gore, Hunter & James.

- Definitely don't need a C...Harbaugh has 4 guys on the roster who can play the position (and OG). I'd pick QB Fales here to develop as a b/u.

- Colvin's a good redshirt candidate.
Might be a stretch to get the players you mock in those spots.
Not sure James will fetch anything more than a 6th rounder at this point. I am guessing teams will simply hold out until the team releases him this summer
Originally posted by MadDog49er:
Not sure James will fetch anything more than a 6th rounder at this point. I am guessing teams will simply hold out until the team releases him this summer

I don't think James is enough of a "problem" in terms of attitude this point to warrant trading or releasing him. We will all see what the team really thinks during the draft this year. If they draft a running back, particularly one with his skill set, he's a goner. I don't think it would be that big of a deal if they draft a corner or receiver that can potentially return kicks, but another back is the nail in the coffin. With that said, I'd rather they really showcase him this season and trade next season with his value being higher. I like him as a player. I don't like his public complaining.

No way anyone in their right minds is trading a 4th rounder for a RB who has been inactive 18 times, and who's greatest claim to fame is being able to improperly use the spin move exlusively.
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