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49ers Mock Offseason v1.1

Originally posted by xcfan:
forget thomas.

Co-sign this.

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Would love to bring Shane Skov's attitude on this squad.
- Boldin...even at 34, he's the best option. What part of last season didn't impress you? Ok, Crabtree was out, but even when he came back, he was still a very clutch receiver. It shouldn't be hard to re-sign him...he knows how close the Niners are to another SB ring. Baalke signs him for 2 yrs, possible option for a 3rd.

- I seriously doubt Whitner would sign a 2-yr contract...why should he? This could be his last opportunity for a longer term deal.

- Nolan Carrol. Sounds good, nice size, 3 yr starter. Intriguing. Good choice.

- I'm not a Jacoby Ford fan. Too erratic for me. Save the $$ and draft a WR/KR.

- Clemens. Not a bad choice...I'd prefer Josh McCown, but Clemens could work. Definitely a step-up from McCoy.

- Trade: Not sure I'd trade James...he's a good KR and there still might be a role for him in the offense.

- Release: Rogers, sure thing.


- Love the first two picks.

- No need to draft an OG/C...we've got 4 of 'em already (Kilgore, Looney, Snyder, Seymour (he played every OL position in college). Instead, get best CB on the board.

- Breeland. I'd substitute either McGill or Jean-Baptiste.

- Rest of draft...overall, good job. They can red-shirt Colvin.
You use two 3rd round picks on LB's when we have the strongest linebacking core in the NFL. 4 pro bowl starters. Lemonier and Skuta OLB back ups and Whilhoite and Moody ILB back ups. Skuta played very well and Lemonier is a promising 3rd round pick. Maybe an ILB if we project releasing Wilhoite who played well this past season.

You use a 5th round pick for a 3rd QB when the 49ers probably won't keep a 3rd QB on the roster.

I don't think Martavia Bryant will be there for our 4th round pick but it would be nice.

You only draft 1 CB (not inc. Colvin for pup list) when we will need more and the 1 you draft is a raw version of Culliver. Culliver is solid but I want an upgrade and more depth.

The rest of the draft is good.
Decent mock. I take issue with drafting a safety early if you are keeping Whitner. Not sure bout all the linebackers you drafting either.
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No lmj on final roster
Do like your FA signings a lot. NFL veteran-backups certainly for a very low price, very nice.

-Beckham with our first-rounder is perhaps a little bit too high but I would be happy anyway.
-Yankey with a 2nd-rounder could be a huge steal according to some big boards. Would love it.
-Breeland is nice and covers a need as well.
-Both, the OLB and the ILB pick, are a waste imo. We are stacked at LB, inside and outside, imho.Picking another D-Liner like Easley, though I wouldn't touch him before the 4th, or trade out is what I would prefer.
-Bryant at the end of the 4th is very nice.
-Thomas is ok, would like to get a guy who is more accurate though.
-Colvin is boring because everyone brings this guy up in his mock draft.

Overall a very nice mock.
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Originally posted by Allx9er:
No lmj on final roster
Was traded for a 5th.
Originally posted by WRATHman44:
I really like Ford. I liked him coming out, and ANYONE (or anyTHING, really) can look bad in Oakland. I think we need to part with Whitner, Boldin, or Dawson, and maybe 2 of those three. We have too much money tied up in non-marquee positions. It's time to make unpopular, uncomfortable decisions to secure the future of this team. I think Whitner is the most replaceable of the three, but several teams have done well with rookie kickers, and that saves us about 3-4 million a year.

The deals for Boldin and Dawson aren't likely to be longterm. We're fine for 2014. I'd wait until we have reliable play calling and a consistent offense before going with a rookie kicker. As for Whitner, he can be given a deal that pays him well for 2014 and 2015, and allows us to easily release him in 2016 if the safety we draft can outperform him.
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