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Who's Your Draft Crush?

Cody Latimer and Ahmad Dixon.
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Jarvis Landry WR LSU
Lamarcus Joyner CB Florida State
Donte Moncrief WR Ole Miss
Rashaad Reynolds CB Oregon State
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Dri Archer-Speed and then some, able to play at RB and WR.
LaMarcus Joyner-Pure playmaker, if he was 6 feet tall he'd be a Top 5 lock. Plays and hits like he's 6'0, 230.
Darqueze Dennard-Shutdown corner, physical, smart, all around great talent.
Jarvis Landry-Excels at running routes and catching the football, doesn't sound so spectacular but he's outstanding in the areas that really matter.
Donte Moncrief-Big, tall, speedy, great at creating separation, strong reliable hands.
Mister Cobble-Quick feet, attacks with great leverage, very capable run stopper.
Trey Millard-RB/TE/FB...whatever, he can contribute pretty much everywhere, an ideal 49ers player.
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Originally posted by Mr.Mcgibblets:
I'll go 1 per position, if applicable :

QB / JIMMY GAROPPOLO ------------------ E. ILLINOIS --------- 6'2 -- 219 {2nd rd}
RB / LADARIUS PERKINS ------------------ MISS ST ------------- 5'9 -- 190 {7th rd}
OT / JOEL BITONIO ---------------------------- NEVADA ----------- 6'4 -- 307 {3rd rd}
OG / CHRIS WATT ----------------------------- NOTRE DAME ---- 6'3 -- 320 {4th rd}
WR / ODELL BECKHAM JR.* -------------- LSU ------------------ 5'11 -- 193 {1st rd}
DL / JAY BROMLEY --------------------------- SYRACUSE -------- 6'3 -- 307 {4th rd}
DL / BEN GARDNER ------------------------- STANFORD --------- 6'4 -- 275 {5th rd}
DE / MARCUS SMITH ------------------------ LOUISVILLE -------- 6'3 -- 252 {2nd rd}
CB / JASON VERRETT ---------------------- TCU ------------------- 5'10 -- 190 {1st rd}
CB / EJ GAINES -------------------------------- MISSOURI ---------- 5'10 -- 195 {3rd rd}
DB / JIMMIE WARD --------------------------- N. ILLINOIS ---------- 5'11 -- 191 {1st rd}

Great! I like that idea
Originally posted by Youngone:
I was at the Alabama game where he racked up 279 yards and a TD on 7 receptions. Against Auburn 287 yards 4 TDs on 11 receptions. Yeah, he can't stretch the field at all.

Don't get me wrong he has a solid career ahead of him, but he is not the type of wr that we desperately need. He may be able to wi jump balls against college db's, but he does not get seperation and is not a burner. Show me one play where he truly burns his guy. We will know in a few days how these guys run, but IMO he doesn't have that elite speed. We need a burner to compliment Crabtree in the long run. That will open up our offense tremendously with Kaep's arm strength, run ability, and our running game. There's a reason people thought Evans would be an NFL TE going into this season. I just don't see the speed nor anything that would warrant giving up a 1st and 2nd round pick to trade up and draft him.
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My favorite player in the draft is Andrew Jackson, ILB Western Kentucky. Dude has some of the best instincts you will find at the position. I really hope we get him to backup Bowman/Willis.
Two injured CBs that I'm starting to crush on:

Dexter McDougle, CB - Maryland (5'10", 195, 4.42 forty): Was off to a great start before a season-ending shoulder injury. Still somehow managed to lead the Terps in INTs with 3 and only played in 4 games. Fearless in run support (led the team in solo tackles his junior year) and has great speed and recovery skills. Late round steal as a potential nickel corner and someone who should start creating a little buzz at the combine.

Keon Lyn, CB - Syracuse (6'1", 195, 4.46 forty): Long corner with great speed and length. Was set to have a breakout year and likely 3rd round pick before a knee injury ended his season. Struggles a little getting off blocks on bubble screens, but makes it tough for WRs to get clean releases off the LOS and has the speed to run with them downfield. Not quite healthy enough to compete at the combine, but might be ready for his pro day. 7th round/UDFA project worth developing, IMO. Think Marcus Cooper but with more actual CB experience.
Darqueze Dennard
Justin Gilbert
Jarvis Landry
Brandin Cooks
Lamarcus Joyner
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To keep this thread alive here are four late rounders i would like to see in a 49ers uniform

Kapri Bibbs RB Colorado State

Keon Lyn CB Syracuse

Ciante Evans CB Nebraska

Nickoe Whitley S Mississippi State

Originally posted by GhostofFredDean74:
Robert Herron, Donte Moncrief, Andre Hal and Phillip Gaines.

Posted this on 2/14 and still crushin' (shameless self-promotional opportunity).
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Donte Moncrief.
I have to say right now it's Jimmy Garoppolo. Something cool about this guy.
Thanx for the fresh names with vids DeUh
Originally posted by pd24:
Donte Moncrief.

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