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Who's Your Draft Crush?

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Originally posted by hondakillerzx:
montcreef, landry, buccannon, verrett

we have the picks; this could very well happen.
Originally posted by xcfan:
Originally posted by hondakillerzx:
montcreef, landry, buccannon, verrett

we have the picks; this could very well happen.

probably verrett in the 1st, montcreef and buccannon in the 2nd and landry in the 3rd. i dont think it would happen but it would be badass if it did and we'd be loaded with young talent for years to come at receiver and in the defensive backfield
Originally posted by xcfan:
Originally posted by SofaKing:
Somebody is going to get a huge steal in the 3rd round with Landry. I hope it's us. I don't give a s**t about the timed speed, he's a BALLER.

that somebody could be us if we use pick 2b on him.
landry and ellington may not be rated as 2nd rounders by internet GMs, but i want them both with pick 2b. those two are going to produce for years to come.

I'd be down for using one of our 2nd rounders on Landry. He's a first round talent to me.
Marquise Lee wr
I don't pay too much attention to the "experts" ranking of players cause it clouds your judgment but i think M. Lee is the most NFL ready cause he's a good downhill blocker,Ko returner , an xcellent route runner, catches the ball naturally away from his body, good separation, and he proves that you don't have to be 6'5 to be a redzone threat not to mention that he has playmaking speed
While not a high round crush, a crush never the less................Dri Archer. I just have a feeling that he is going to surprise. I think he can be a huge weapon if managed correctly.
Darqueze Dennard-cb Mich.St
Originally posted by 5timechamps:
Darqueze Dennard-cb Mich.St

Seems to be falling a bit with "online scouts" at least.. Could potentially be there at the end of the first if NFL scouts feel the same way
Stephon Tuitt
Dakota Dozier
Gator Hoskins
odell beckham cause hes fast has great hands and will probably fall in the draft and we will fill a huge need
and those bigger corners from utah and this new trend in the nfl

I have a draft crush on the future back up qb. People laugh at me, but I would love for a career back up to come from this draft.

'David Fales
Aaron Murray

Either of those young men are my draft crush.
jordan mathews and devin streets , we should draft mathews at number 30 and streets in round 3
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Originally posted by MikeRumph:
Sammy Watkins and Khalil Mack. 2 guys who are highly unlikely to be in a Niners jersey

Sammy Watkins and Khalil Mack are mine as well.
Since the team is looking at RB prospects, I'll add Lache Seastrunk to my draft crush list. Home-run hitter with good size, vision, tremendous athlete. Could be had with a 3rd or 4th rounder.
MIght as well trade up and get Bridgewater since Kaepernick is going to jail forever lol

But in my dream draft scenario that will never happen, I want us to trade up to get Watkins so badly.
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