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1st Round PICK TE Eric Ebron.

Originally posted by denali22:
of course, question is.. if hes avail at low 20's.. do you trade up?

Probably not - there's a point where you would be willing to trade up for almost any player and I'm guessing it's mid-late 20's for Ebron where we would only have to give up a later round pick. But I would be surprised if we are the ones who trade up in that scenario because we'd be looking at him purely as a good value while other teams would see value and need. The only way we end up with Ebron is if we like him a lot more than the teams who actually need a TE.
Originally posted by TruNinerFan:
TE is not a need.

Would rather have Jace Amaro if we take a TE
Originally posted by hofer36:
ebron wont be around at pick #30

This and the Niners won't trade up to get him. Not happenin'.
I'm calling it right now. We are moving up for Ebron, just watch. No other team uses te's like we do. When VD went down last year our offense was horrendous. We cannot roll the dice that Vernon will stay healthy. Plus, I have no idea how a defense would cover this team with two TE's like Davis and Ebron.

Ebron is a special talent and by far the best TE. This is a deep draft, you can get quality DB's and WR's later. Ebron is the target fellas.
Colt Lyerla IMO is more talented and a better fit. (I have very biased views)
Plus we can get Lyerla in the 6/7 round
Ebron's opportunity cost is too high
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s**t can these threads be locked? drafting a TE is less likely than a QB at this point and I mean that wholeheartedly....
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