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1st Round PICK TE Eric Ebron.

This is part & parcel the same basic idea of drafting a Nix, Hageman or Donald for the DL...not an area of need now, particularly considering how well Dorsey & TJE played. Some would argue the Niners can certainly afford to just take BPA, and it could happen. With Justin Smith in/nearing the twilight of his career grabbing a stud DL now isn't a terrible idea, so I can understand where you're coming from w/Ebron. Baalke did what we're talking about w/Carradine last year...1st rd talent that fell to the 2nd rd because of injury. While I don't think it'll happen, it's definitely not beyond the realm of possibility.
No thanks.
Originally posted by sfout:
no. Davis still has 2 years left on his current deal. We have a 2nd year player that has 3 years left on his deal and 3rd TE that will be be an RFA after 2014.

Why people are thinking about replacing Vernon already is beyond be. He runs a damn 4.3 40 and even if he loses speed he is still big and physical enough to play TE for another 4 or 5 years after his contract runs out.

He could even just make a move to WR if he was desperate enough to continue playing.
Vernon has a couple of years left on his deal and as the fastest TE in the NFL and even if he loses a step later in his career he could still be 1 of the fastest.

Are we going to give up on a TE we drafted in the 2nd round already? After a season when we didn't utilize the passing game to the fullest?

You hit the nail right on the head. With all our needs a TE in the 1st round? No way.
Originally posted by HeelRaiser83:
Not a position of need but in my opinion I think Eric Ebron is the best player in the draft

Thanks, Mom.
Love, Eric
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pick to fill, not to eventually replace!!
ebron wont be around at pick #30
Originally posted by LasVegasWally:
We have some VERY serious issues at CB/S/WR so I'd say forget it.

VERY serious is a bit of an overstatement. If we re-sign Boldin and Whitner, we're better off at those positions than 90% of the league. I expect we'll re-sign at least one of them.

Plus, everyone forgets that free agency precedes the draft. We could have very different needs in 2 months than we do now.
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1) TE is NOT a need
2) We have needs at CB, WR and most likely SS depending on what happens with Whitner and C if the staff doesn't think Kilgore or Looney can take the spot and after 2014 potentially at LG if Iupati leaves & again if the staff doesn't think Kilgore/Looney can fill in for him (or some other young player)
3) Ebron is going to be a top 20 pick IMO, we would have to trade up and that simply makes zero sense for a non-need position.

With all that said, I'm a UNC fan, this guy is a FREAK, much like VD AND his favorite player is VD, his fav team is the 49ers. If we would get a bounty in a trade for VD like a 1st round pick and another pick between rounds 2-3 AND we could get Ebron to replace him, I'd think about it, then I'd probably be against it anyway. VD is a leader on this team, we are in win a SB now mode, no reason to give up on a top 3 TE in the NFL that bleeds 49er red.
I know we have vernon and vance.. but vernon is essentially a big WR and i feel like harbs would love another deepthreat TE, he could be our delaney walker with more potential. Id feel much more comfortable with Ebron than drafting a non watkins/evans WR. We'd most likely have to move up as he wouldnt last past 20.. but id take that chance. Just because vernon is listed as a TE doesnt mean we HAVE to use him as one. Why draft a reciever when we have a 6'4 4.4 running young kid in baldwin? His measurables can be put up against any WR in this draft.. Crabtree, Boldin, Patton, Baldwin, Davis and Ebron would be LETHAL.
of course you draft this guy at #30 if he is there

but he won't last past mid 1st round.

Eric Ebron >>>>>>> Vance

I like Ebron, but he's a sure 1st rounder. I wouldn't be opposed to Seferian-Jenkins in the 2nd. He's not catching much buzz, but he's a monster and far superior to Vance M.

Ideally, we take a shot on Colt Lyerla; although, I think Chip Kelly is going to scoop him around the 5th.
Originally posted by blizzuntz:
of course you draft this guy at #30 if he is there

but he won't last past mid 1st round.

Eric Ebron >>>>>>> Vance

of course, question is.. if hes avail at low 20's.. do you trade up?
Not a terrible idea....I mean, we are horrible at selecting WR's, but we have moderate success with TE's, so let's just run 3, 4, hell even 5 TE sets!
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We just picked a TE last year high.
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Originally posted by English:
This is so unlikely I nearly locked the thread.

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