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mock offseason last until combine

Originally posted by xcfan:
murray has great potential?

umm yeah I think he has a lot of room to grow as a qb..u thin he reached his limit as for potential..?
Originally posted by strickac:
Philly isn't getting rid of Boykin. If he was a few inches taller, he would've been a 1st round pick and possibly a future pro Bowler. He's all over the field and has good ball skills.

I agree but I was looking for the best place to trade lmj and figured philly bc of the relationship and it makes sense..then looked at their roster for who and boykin made the most sense for us and I figured throw them a 4th considering that's where he was I said b4 id even give a 3rd..hes a perfect fit for more worries with cox or rogers covering the slot..
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