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Timdiz's Fist Ever Mock

Originally posted by SFrush:
Screw trading back. Trade up and grab Dennard or Gilbert.

this, 49ers aren't going to try and get more picks by going back in the 1st, maybe later in the draft but not with the 1st round. IMO they will target a couple guys, likely a WR and CB, maybe a SS and jump up to get them.
Originally posted by Timdiz:
As much as I want Boldin back, I'm not entirely sure that he'd take a hometown discount. Remember after he won the superbowl with the ravens? he publicly kept saying he wanted to retire there. Instead, he didn't want his contract restructured so they ended up having to trade him. If he comes back for 5-6 mill, sure, I'd love him back but at this point, I'm not so sure he'll take that money.

This. And I wouldn't break the bank for him either, not with his age and our more important extensions to be done (Kap, Aldon, Crab etc..) I personally think we'd be okay with a healthy Crab, second year Patton and one or two rookies from this bad a$$ wr class. Plus I do believe that McDonald will contribute in the passing game this year.
Originally posted by RumorHasIt:
Not really sure how the team gets better in this scenario. Losing Whitner and Boldin both leave huge holes in each unit. The draft doesn't provide any ready talent to replace either of them right now. Fuller is coming off of an injury and Moncreif is more than likely a year away from producing. Danario Alexander has chronic knee problems and shouldn't even be in play for our future.

- Resign Whitner and Boldin. This is feasible through restructures of Gore/Vernon and the release of an aging Carlos Rogers. Boldin may get a one year deal which would free up money in '15 for Crabtree.

- Trade the third from the Titans and our fourth to the Dolphins (19 overall). Take Justin Gilbert with that pick.

- Take Davante Adams with the first second rounder. He is a great red zone target and will take over once Boldin is gone in '15.

Unlikely, but possible scenario with the whole Whitner/Boldin resigning. This would, however, jeopardize the ability to extend kap, crabs, aldon, etc(especially when you consider restructuring even more contracts). I'm somewhat on the fence on Gilbert. He has the atheltiscm to be great, but he needs some time to develop with his lack of technique, hips, footwork. I like Davante Adams but he seems like an exact copy of Crabtree. While he has the tools, I don't see him being more than just a good possession receiver, while we are in need of someone who can stretch the field on the outside.
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