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pd24 Mock draft and offseason

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Cut: Carlos Rogers, Baldwin, and Dhal

Trade: James for a 5th or 6th round pick

Re-sign: Boldin 2 years $10 million/ $5 million a year. Whitner 2 years $5 million. COx for minimum

Redo Contracts: Gore for less money and Boone extended for more years.

Free agents: Tyson Jackson 2 year deal, Bernard Pollard 1 year deal, Jacoby Ford, Blake Costanzo and Sam Shields


1: Odell Beckham WR
2a: Trent Murphy OLB/DE
2b: Stanley Jean-Baptiste CB
3a: Jimmie Ward SS/FS
3b: Donte Moncrief WR
3c (comp): Dominique Easley Injured
4: De'Anthony Thomas RB/WR/KR
5. Logan Thomas QB
6. Aaron Colvin CB Injured
7: Trey Millard FB/HB/TE Injured
Not bad, but wouldn't both Whitner and Pollard be redundant? I've heard Pollard is kind of a head case but who knows. I like the idea of adding Shields but does Green Bay let him test FA? Your draft looks pretty good...would be great if we could get Moncrief with our second pick in the 3rd Rd.
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Pollard and Whitner would be kind of redundant, but I don't think he gets a big offer and may come on a low 1 year deal and we let Dhal go. Would be good also if Whitner didn't come back or if Whitner or Reid get hurt. We need some toughness back there and we can groom a rookie SS/FS while we are at it. Not sure about Shields, but he is a FA, just hoping we get him.
Some nice picks but you have us resigning Whitner and adding Sam Shields in FA. Do we have the cap space when we have to resign Kap and Aldon Smith this season and Maybe Crabtree and Iupati next?

You have us drafting an OLB/DE in round 2. We already have 4 great starting LB's and 4 good back ups plus Tank Carradine as well. a True 3-4 DE would be better.

If we can't afford to sign a starting CB in free agency we will need to draft 2

We have 3 , 7th round picks. I assume you trade the other 2.
No way to Pollard. Guy is a cancer in the locker room and on the Field. Plus even if we cut Dahl. You have us resigning Witner and drafting Ward. We still have depth at the Safety spot so no need for Pollard.
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