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what to do with all the picks?

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Whatever they do, trade up or down, the best thing for this team IMO is draft immediate impact starter guys. The windows on the 49ers championship hopes are closing. They need a huge splash in this draft, because 2012 was terrible, 2011 stars need to talk long term and 2013 is still improving.

Where do people get this "window is closing" rhetoric from? The only way you guarantee your "window is closing" is by making rash, stupid decisions and blowing through draft picks like Lindsay Lohan blows through cocaine. If the 49ers draft wisely, they can keep their "window" open for a long time.

Kaepernick, Willis, Bowman, Crabtree, Aldon, Reid, Patton, Lattimore, VD, McDonald, none of those guys are ancient by any stretch.

If anything, they need to keep building depth, injuries will happen, depth is crucial. There's very few players in the draft that are a "sure thing", so keep building the team, keep planning to replace guys 2-3 years down the road, not when it happens.

Oh good, thank you. That saved me the trouble of responding. Baalke is building this team to last.

Exactly. The only impact guys on this roster that are 30 or older I can think of is Gore and Cowboy. I think Vernon is knocking but not sure how close. They aren't as young as the Seahawks but they are still rather young. Also the Seahawks may have trouble resigning those young guys.
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I fully expect the Niners to trade up in the 1st. The question is, what else will they do?

According to the standard draft chart (used as worst case scenario):

1/30 = 640
2/61 = 292
= 912
1/18 = 900

2/61 =292
3/94 =124

That leaves them with:

3rd (comp Goldson)
4th 125
5th 158
6th 189

last year we traded

Rnd 1 #31 (600pts) for Rnd 1 #18 (900pts) We paid a 3rd #74 (220pts) should have paid 300pts save 80 pts value: pick 107 early 4th Rnd

Rnd 2 #34 (560pts) for Rnd 2 #40 (500pts) We netted a 3rd pick #77 this year (205pts) should have got 60 pts get extra 145 pts value: pick 89 late 3rd Rnd

Rnd 2 #61 (292pts) for Rnd 2 #55 (350pts) We paid a 6th #173 (23pts) should have paid 58 pts save 35 pts value: pick 142 mid 5th Rnd

Let's hope Baalke keeps making the other Gm's his Biatch.

Agreed. That's why I said worst case scenario. I'd really like them to trade up to target one of the top CB, but I don't know if either of them will be good value long term.
I used the chart from this site.

I see CB as my top priority but we have so many picks and there are many good ones available in the 2nd and 3rd rounds and some even beyond I don't know how they will go. We have options and can go with best player available from a list of positions instead of having to target 1 position like last year where safety clearly trumped all other needs. The deeper the draft the more it makes sense to move back instead of up and this is a very deep draft. Nobody manipulates the draft better than Baalke has the last few years.
For those of you who would like to trade our 1st round pick so that we get a high 2nd and another pick, who could be available at pick 30 that some other team would want so bad that they would make this trade? I think the only player that would really be someone that badly wanted would be either Derek carr or johnny football if they fell to us. Unlikely. especially since new England drafts before us - as they would make that trade just as the niners would. so that would leave you with prospects like cb gilbert or wr lee or wr Benjamin or perhaps one of d-tackles at pick 30. I just don't see this as very realistic that somebody would trade up for one of them.
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