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with the 30th pick in the 2014 draft

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The Dallas Cowboys Select...
Originally posted by adrenaline:
Darqueze Dennard or Justin Gilbert. 49ers trade up a few slots to nab 'em.

This, I would love to have either one, especially Gilbert
CB – Marcus Robinson, 6-0, 195lbs, Florida State
Originally posted by GhostofFredDean74:
1. The 49ers haven't really indicated if they want to move on from Iuapti. Are we going to draft a G in the 1st round every 4 years and then watch them walk?
- It's not a question of "wanting" to move on from Iupati; it's a matter of being able to afford him after 2014. He's going to command a huge contract, but so is Kap, Aldon Smith and possibly even Michael Crabtree. Throw in trying to re-sign Boldin and possibly Culliver if he comes back strong and you run out of cap space pretty quickly.

2. Are the 49ers pleased with the prospect of Kilgore or Looney at Center? They couldn't win the job last year and they weren't rookies who were being groomed. They might be gunning for a top Center in this draft. If they do and also draft a Guard they will have to cut Kilgore or Looney to make room.
- If they don't sign a veteran center by draft time, you know it's either Kilgore/Looney or an early round center which I wouldn't mind, but it's asking A LOT for a rookie to come in and play well with this veteran line AND make the calls in this very complex offense. At the very least, Kilgore has been around for 3 years and knows this playbook and all the calls inside and out. Not being able to beat out a veteran center like Goodwin isn't anything to be embarrassed about, considering how solid JG played the last 3 years.
1. Just don't like the idea of drafting a guy in the 1st round, getting a good player and then letting them walk. When the 2nd contract is due and they are getting older maybe but not the 1st. Don't want to spend 1st round picks on guy a for 4 years of service and gone. We could resign Iupati/Crabtree and use the money from Gore's retirement and/or letting Boldin go after next season. With the losses of Goodwin,Rogers,Whitner,Brown the 49ers should be in a position to resign Kap and Smith. We can look to resign or replace Iuapti next year. A pup list guy drafted late like Spencer Long might get it done or we could start Looney or we could draft a replacement next season.

If Kilgore is starting talent why not Looney? If we draft a 1st round Guard this season and he's any good then we have to figure out a way to resign him in 3 years or watch HIM walk. And there goes another 1st rounder for only 3 years of service. At least if we draft his replacement next year if necessary we get 4 years of service before his contract comes up.
Originally posted by GhostofFredDean74:
Originally posted by Ninerjohn:
Originally posted by GhostofFredDean74:
Originally posted by British9er:
Originally posted by GhostofFredDean74:
Stanford OG David Yankey is a real possibility as well given Harbaugh/Roman's emphasis on the power run game. He's a safe pick, which can't be discounted, he'd allow for a smooth transition once Iupati moved on after 2014 and would allow Kilgore/Looney to battle it out at center.

They could then focus the 5 picks in rounds 2-3 grabbing quality WRs/DBs where there's more depth and less risk.

I would be very surprised - and honestly a little annoyed - if the niners took an OG in the first round when there is a pressing need for a playmaker in the first round. I take your point about the 5 picks in the next couple of rounds but I would flip that and say take the playmaker in the first round and then you have five picks in the next two rounds to address the interior of the lines.

IMO, your chances of landing a quality playmaker at pick #30 aren't much better than if you waited until the late 2nd. Once you get past Watkins, Lee and possibly Mike Evans, I don't think there's a huge difference in terms of play-making ability at the WR position. I love Odell Beckham and Jarvis Landry, but I don't think they're THAT much more valuable (and potentially that much more productive) than say Brandin Cooks, Paul Richardson, Donte Moncrief, Robert Herron, Josh Huff, or even guys like Jared Abbrederis and a speedster like De'Anthony Thomas in the 4th-5th round.

As for corners, I think guys like Kyle Fuller, Jaylen Watkins, Pierre Desir, Baushad Breeland, Terrance Mitchell, Walt Aikens and even Victor Hampton aren't huge drop-offs from what we might be able to get in the 1st round.

For me, it's about getting the best value you can at #30 and continuing to add talent to this team, not reaching for a position of need. And if we need any proof that you don't need first round talent at WR/CB to win a title, the game last night was proof positive.

I agree your point about getting the best value but I still want the Niners to move up for Gilbert, Denard, or Lee if its reasonable. I thnk a trade up or a trade down is more likely than standing pat and drafting at 30.

Lee is the only WR I think might be in range and worth moving up a little to get. Gilbert is a definite possibility, but at the end of the day, I just don't believe they'll move up to get a CB. When you've seen success drafting CBs in the 3rd round and later (Cully, Brown and theoretically Cooper) as well as picking them off the street (Brock and Morris), you tend to think you can continue doing it. Especially in a draft that's deep in CB talent like this one.

That said, if somehow Gilbert falls to the mid-20's and it becomes more affordable, then I can see it. If not, I see a trade back like you said or BPA.
Unless another dufuss offers us the chance to move up 13 slots to #18 for a 3rd rounder like last year I would stand pat in a very deep draft and offer nothing higher than a 5th rounder to move up, or look for opportunities to move back.
Originally posted by GhostofFredDean74:
I don't think so. He's from the VaTech Fuller family (former Hokies Vincent and Corey and current player Kendall).

Jeff Fuller's son Jeff was undrafted last year out of Texas A&M. You are correct Kyle isn't Jeff's son.

As for this thread should have been done with a poll. Maybe we can create one after the combine or after free agency to see if Whitner and Boldin are back.

As for pick 30 I'd like Gilbert (Dennard gone), Verrett, Clinton-Dix (if no Whitner), Mattthews.... Beckham, Landry, Pryor (no Whinter), Yankey, Roberson, Roby. Not sure about Lee, Evans or Robinson yet. I'm intrigued by them though.
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Originally posted by Ruhl:
The Dallas Cowboys Select...

I see what you did there
Originally posted by adrenaline:
Darqueze Dennard or Justin Gilbert. 49ers trade up a few slots to nab 'em.

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Whitner's back-up / replacement... or the best CB available.
I wouldn't be surprised to see the 49ers go with a 3-4 DE. There are a lot of good CB's, WR's and Safety's that will be available in the 2nd, 3rd and 4th rounds and we have a lot of picks.

Standing pat would not be dumb...I'm looking forward to seeing 3 or 4 absolute studs fall to us. There are just too many good players this year. May be a d-lineman, though, like Tuitt or Nix or Hagemann. Sorry if misspelled.
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