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drafting a real Swiss army do all things TE/FB

Who in this year's draft is more like Delanie Waker in this year's draft? Please give me names I want to start scouting prospects!
neva been done beefo!
I've all but given up on drafting that type of player. People forget it took years for Delanie Walker to become that guy. Unless you're willing to invest 2-3 years developing that player, don't expect them to come in and be Delanie Walker. Marquise Gray was as good a prospect as any, but he couldn't contribute right now. It may work out better if we talked a big receiver, like Delanie was coming out of college, but even still, expect 2-3 years to develop that player.
There is a search function on this forum, can we stop making the same thread over and over again?
Make trey Millard? In 7th def not walker but still
I expect us to target a developmental player of that type either late or in UDFA. McDonald is still improving, and was only a rookie. As many have mentioned, Walker took several years to get his status. McDonald is not a lost cause. Let's see what improvement he can make, and develop someone as a tertiary backup in the meantime.
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