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Cooper 2014 Mock Draft 3.0

Where's Dan Skuta on your roster?
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Not bad. Whitner will be gone not franchised. We should draft a 2nd WR and we don't need 2 rookie QB's. This draft is deep in WR and CB talent and with all our picks we should take 2 of each. Wr's take time to develop anyway but it would give us much needed depth.

I don't even know if we draft 1 QB. We have our starter for years to come. If there is an injury do you want a rookie or a vet holding down the fort? Resign McCoy or let him go and sign a different vet to back up Kap. We probably only keep 2 on the roster and then add a 3rd to the practice squad.
He took 2 WRs, Matthews and Herron. And if Harbaugh isn't worried about 2 rookies being backups, he had Kaep and Tolzien backing up Alex his first year. If Harbaugh trusts a rookie, I'd be fine with it too. Rookies aren't the mistake prone lost QBs they were 10-15 years ago. Rookies now regularly come into the league and win right away.
There is a huge difference this year than Harbaugh's 1st year with 2 rookies backing up Alex Smith.

1. Kap was drafted early in the 2nd round and was Harbaugh's QB of the future not a 4th round pick you have no intention of ever starting. If the draft were held again today he would probably be the 1st or 2nd QB taken. Kap is our projected starter for years and years to come. A QB of the future has no place here at this time.

2. We were coming off a lot of losing years. Not trying to protect an expected run for the super bowl. We expect to challenge for the super bowl this year. Do we want to trust that to a rookie taken in the 4th round? Also in Kap's case we knew we could resign him but with the starting job locked up we won't be able to resign a rookie QB unless he isn't good enough to start when his contract is up.

3. We didn't have the depth we have now. We could keep 3 QB's. We only had 2 on the roster this year and next year's team will be even harder to make. We will probably keep 2 QB's an add another on the practice squad.

We could draft 1 QB to be our back up but how much better would a rookie be than a vet we could sign if at all? Why not use the 4th round pick for another saftey or a CB who could compete for a starting job or even a 3rd WR we could develop. Rookies backing up a long term vet is 1 thing because the rookie might become your future starter but our future at QB is pretty locked up. If that's how the 49ers want to go I am down with it but 2 QB's drafted makes no sense at all.
Drafting another CB or RB is just as if not more likely a wasted pick. You cant put a 4th rounder on the practice sqaud and expect them to not get snatched up by another team, a 7th round player provides about the same value no matter what position you look at and there is no way the team can draft 3 CBs or WRs with the number of returning roster players. Where as if you draft 2 QBs one can be your back up for a hell of a lot cheaper than Colt and probably be a better player by midseason and the other being a 7th rounder is likely just there to run the scout team. It makes sense in terms of roster management and I dont really think in this day and age having a young back up is anything but a smart idea once your starter no longer needs a mentor. It is far more likely to make it to the playoffs after your starting qb goes down if you have an athletic but unpolished rookie as a back up than if you have a guy who has been below average at best for his entire career.
I think I said a dozen times now but I will say it again. There is merit to drafting a rookie QB and if the 49ers go that way I am fine with it. You mentioned he would be a better player by midseason. What if he is called upon to finish game 2 and start game 3 because of a concussion to Kap?

Any pick at any position can be a bust. If we draft a bust at Center we still have Kilgore. If we draft a 3rd CB and he busts out we still have Brock, Culliver and the other 2. What if the rookie QB is a bust? What do we have? Even if he plays great at best he is trade bait after 2-3 seasons where as another position who plays great can rotate in and play on special teams and could become a starter. Once again a rookie QB has merit.

As for CB's. We have 2 probable returning, Brock and Culliver. Cox and Morris have not really impressed. There is plenty of room to draft 3 CB's on the roster unless we retain 1 of the vets or sign one.

WR's. We have 3 worth a damn provided we retain Boldin, and I prey we do. If we get Boldin back I want 2 rookie WR's to develop. They can provide depth and rotate in and maybe even start 1 day. If Boldin goes I would draft 3 WR's. I am tired of this being the weakest position group on the team which it has been since before we drafted Alex Smith. This past season Crabtree got hurt, Patton got hurt and the shelf was empty. We had Boldin and nothing. If we had won 1 more game this season we win the division and the #1 seed, get a bye week and home field advantage and we are going to the super bowl.

A DT could rotate in while providing depth and possibly start for us 1 day. A Center could compete to start day 1.

I don't see the 49ers keeping a 3rd QB on the roster this season. How much better would a 7th round pick QB be than somebody we could sign to the practice squad we didn't draft? If the 49ers wanted a 3rd QB on the roster we should have kept BJ Daniels. He played as well as we could have hoped for in preseason. We cut him, then cut his replacement then signed another to the practice squad. 1 drafted QB has merit. If we had roster spots available maybe a 2nd but we are the deepest team in the NFL. We have 5 players coming off ir/pup lists who will make the team, 13 draft picks plus players like Okoye and Fleming and the practice squad players which includes a 7th round OT we drafted last year. Roster spots will be difficult to come by and we are already going to have to let some good players who could help us go. I wonder if cutting BJ Daniels was just a charade. They brought in a veteran replacement they let go a week later. Were they just hoping to down play him and hope he cleared waivers so they could add him to the practice squad because we needed the roster spot?
Originally posted by JamesGatz83:
Where's Dan Skuta on your roster?

Ahh, thanks, knew I was forgetting someone
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