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Mock with a big trade

Key Resignings- Anquan Boldin, Donte Whitner

1st- 49ers trade their 1st round pick and a 2015 3rd round pick to the Browns for WR Josh Gordon (Browns probably would want more than that, but Gordon still is only one f**k up away from a year long suspension)

2nd- DT Ra'shed Hageman, Minnesota 6'6 318 4.89 40 (Can play defensive tackle on passing downs or sub in for Ray Mac and Justin Smith at DE. Could also possibly play nose tackle. He's a big athletic beast. He'll probably be gone at this pick, but this is a wishful mock and it's so early)

2nd- CB/S Lamarcus Joyner FSU 5'8 190 4.34 40 (Can play the slot corner for us and be used like Tyran Mathieu. Maybe eventually become FS for us and possibly move Eric Reid over to SS once Whitner is gone)

3rd-CB Stanley Jean Baptiste Nebraska 6'3 215 4.56 40 (Big physical corner who could hopefully become our Richard Sherman without the mouth)

3rd- ILB Christian Jones FSU 6'4 234 4.64 40 (Fill in for Bowman until he gets back. Athletic linebacker with fluid hips and good in coverage. Willis could take on Bowmans role, while Jones is used more to cover tight ends like Willis has done. He could also play a little OLB)

3rd- C Byran Stork C FSU 6'4 306 5.20 40 ( Takes over for Goodwin. Also has experience at guard and gives us room to decide to put him and Kilgore at center or guard.)

4th- NT Daniel McCullers Tennessee 6'7 349 5.18 40 (Big mother f**ker that could be our nose tackle on run downs. We need a clogger and have to get back to that 2011 run defense.)

5th- QB Tajh Boyd Clemson 6'1 220 4.64 40 (Can be the #2 Quarterback and hopefully he pushes Kaepernick)

6th- DE/OLB Cassius Marsh UCLA 6'4 254 4.92 40 (Another olb pass rusher)

7th-RB/WR/KR/PR Dri Archer Kent State 5'8 175 4.21 40 (Dude is fast as s**t and can be our return man. Has that homerun ability. Also could be tried out as a slot receiver or utility guy that can be put in the backfield)

We have a few more 7th round picks, but I'll just skip those for now. So we get the big play threat wide receiver who can stretch the field in Josh Gordon and he's already a proven beast. We'll have Crabtree and Boldin as our great possession receivers. Gordon and VD will stretch the field and Patton will be our slot guy. Our receiving core would be unstoppable and our offense would be straight dominant.

We become set on the dline for years to come with Hageman to go along with Tank Carradine. McFullers also can be that very good run stopping nose tackle clog that we need.

Our secondary looks pretty damn nasty with the addition of Joyner and Baptiste. Joyner will shut down slot receivers, while Baptiste is in no hurry to start with Brock and Culliver on the outside. A secondary of Reid, Whitner, Culliver, Brock, Baptiste, and Joyner would look pretty damn good to me.

Dri Archer would be a perfect return man that can change games with his electrifying speed.

We remain dominant for years to come with this draft and send a big f**k YOU to Seattle. We then dominate next year on our way to winning our 6th Superbowl.
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don't like a DT with our 2nd pick, Tank will be a contributor next year and TJE looks really good as a potential future starter as well, Dobbs also did pretty good. Then you have a NT in the 4th when Ian Williams will be coming back and Dial will in the fold along with Dorsey who had a very good year. I'm okay with another DL but later in the draft not stocking up like this.

as for the Gordon trade, it's not going to happen plain and simple.
I like the wishful thinking. But no way we keep Boldin and whitner.
Crazy mock luv tha bigg uglys hate tha trade for this line alone ...Gordon still is only one f**k up
away from a year long suspension...
Some team is going to fall in love with Ra'shed Hageman and take him the 1st. The defensive back picks would be good if we could get those guys there.
Folks, Cleveland isn't trading Gordon. Get that out of your minds, please. Seriously, I don't think they were all that serious earlier in the season when the rumor started floating. You don't think Baalke was willing to give them one 2nd rounder for that talent? Cleveland was buffing everyone to see who was willing to give them a first or 2. If anything, I can see the 49ers trading LMJ (since we don't use him much) for nice future pick. Just make sure he goes to the AFC.
If the Browns wouldn't trade Gordon last year, why would they do it now after the kid went to the Pro Bowl? Turn the page, people. It ain't going to happen.

Hageman will not last past the Cowboys in the first round. Book it.

The picks of Joyner through Stork are strong.
I'd take it but it isn't gonna happen.
Wow even the Browns with way less talent have a more aggresive offense than ours
Hageman is not available in the 2nd round. For some teams he is top 15 - 20. He's a 1st rounder for sure and has been flying up draft boards recently. He is a great pick. Don't get me wrong. I wouldn't mind him with our 1st round pick. He's a Richard Seymour IMO. And if he is that he's worth it obviously.

Do not think that Hageman will be available in the 2nd for any team.
So, you want to go for Gordon who could be suspended for a year, ok. What about drafting a backup?
I don't see us drafting a two-gap NT because we don't play this scheme.
Boyd won't push anyone

Ovr a solid draft.
People getting on me about Gordon, it's a mock! Most mocks are always dead wrong, especially ones this early. Now obviously the trade is very unlikely to happen. But this mock is what I want to happen that is still somewhat realistic. And don't think Gordon has no shot of being traded. Cleveland was listening to offers during the regular season. They would trade him for the right price, especially considering he's one mistake away from a year long suspension.

And yeah I realized this mock has some guys there that could be long gone, like Hageman, Joyner, and probably Baptiste, but you never know what could happen between now and the draft. Their stock will probably rise, but it could drop for different reasons.. I was just going off of current projected rounds.
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Would be happy in any fashion if we got Gordon some how. Decent mock
Really like the picks doubtful they'll be there in those spots.
I hope the Gordon trade would go through but I don't think we resign whitner but we resign boldin
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