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Tha best mock draft ur not mocking (2014)

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We will obviously trade picks in preparation for 2015's draft as well. This mock is fine with me except we don't need 2 receivers or a QB in the first 4 rounds. Ithink They expect Patton to be the 3rd receiver, so only 1 more should be brought in to compete with him for time. Moncreif would be fine with me. Seems like a veteran back up QB is more their style , so why waste apick on someone who will never see the field ? Any QB selection early means they believe Kaep may price himself out of town . I also think it may not an easy year to get a trade done as this years draft is perceived as strong and teams may not be compelled to move.

There are several reasons to draft 2 receivers.
1. This is a very deep draft for receivers and we might not see another chance to get 1st -2nd round receivers in the 3rd or 4th round so drafting 1 early and another in the 3rd or 4th round is a bargain.

2. Receivers take time to develop. Look at rookie years for Crabtree or TO. How many catches per game did Patton have even if we just look at the games he played?

3. Boldin will be here maybe 2 more years and Crabtree's deal is coming to an end and we don't know if we can resign him. He won't be cheap.

4. 2 years in a row we have had 2 receivers go down with injury and we could use the depth.

With so many picks (11 plus a comp pick probably 3rd or 4th round) this is the time to develop a couple of young receivers. We have 7 picks in the 1st 4 rounds. If we use 2 on WR's that still leaves us 5 more picks in the 1st 4 rounds to add to an already deep team plus our 5 other picks in rounds 5-7. Even IF we resign Crabtree that gives us 4 receivers after Boldin leaves in 2 years when the 2 rooks are coming in to their own. 1 can start and the other can rotate in.

I agree but don't you think they'll sign a veteran WR likke They did with Manningham? I think they will because they'll want someone who knows the routes and is proven to compete with Patton for 3rd WR. I really want Moncreif though.
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So baalke sits on his hands in the first round? I doubt it.
Originally posted by theninermaniac:
So baalke sits on his hands in the first round? I doubt it.

With tha talent in this draft why not? ????
Would prefer Moncreif or Latimore at 61 if they are still on the board.

Would prefer Phillip Gaines at #56 if still on the board and the Desir if he lasts till 100

I could live with a draft like this.
I like Desir, but neither him nor Aikens are likely to be ready for impact play as rookies...could contribute on ST's, but I'd think Baalke would want his first CB to have a more realistic chance to either crack the lineup or contribute as a nickel or dime early on. I know he likes Breeland, he could be the guy, then take Desir as his 2nd CB maybe in the 3rd rd.

At QB, I'm thinking Fales may be the guy...Harbaugh really likes him, saw his pro day and liked what he saw.

Didn't see an ILB...and I think that's a position Baalke will draft.

Overall, though, really like it.
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