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Perfect Draft for 49ers

Was fine with the mock, what I wasn't fine with, is the lose of Boldin, and D. hiter. We can't keep everyone but I'd like boldin for 2 more years hopefully. And Hiter for another 3 I think him and reed play very well together and he's seems like a team player wants to win over getting a big pay day and being on a loser like Goldson, I think cut carlos maybe see if we can get a deal done with brown, if not draft 2 or 3 guys maybe a few cheap off the street guys.

I would like to keep hunter, I really thing gore has this final year of playing for the niners, Love the guy he's the heart of this team, but he's not getting any younger and his price isn't cheap will need the money for younger guys on this team and will have 3 younger fresher backs in lat,hunt,james that can take the rock.
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Originally posted by AB81Rules:
lol, yeah I know. I started doing draft stuff in like 2006 so not completely new, but not a real veteran yet.

Cap though, doing since 2002, and online since 2005-2006 was my start date. Took over NCH in 09, so it's been a good ride.

....and on that note, may the (good) riding continue
Originally posted by sLarsen7:

4. I didn't cut Dahl because he can start in this league and be insurance incase Bucannon is a dud (which I don't believe but you have to be prepared for everything). Also Reid is a little injury prone so it's good to have quality depth at Safety.

No way we draft that many players.
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We got to keep Boldin, we cut to many people without add any.
Originally posted by LVJay:
Credit is given to where it's do ... Although, I hardly comment on mocks, I just like to read them.

sLarsen7 has some interesting things, but I don't know as much (as you guys) on college prospects. I'll leave that up to you "mock" guys

Thanks for the compliment man.
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Originally posted by sLarsen7:
Thanks for the compliment man.

No prob, it's much more than what some of us can do. These mocks by AB, you, Pheonix and few others (more good ones) help with the offseason We all have our opinions......

BTW, I edited your original post with some of my opinions (as well) ... post #23
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Originally posted by pdizo916:
stopped reading after this:

Cut/FA Departures: Anquan Boldin WR,

I really enjoyed your draft although I didn't agree w/ a number of things.

Like many here, cutting Boldin is a non-starter. We wouldn't have made the playoffs for-sure w/out him and possibly we wouldn't have had a winning record.

That said, what I REALLY liked was the IR team, especially Easley, Colvin and Long since there is no way we are using all our picks and no way they all make the team.

Like Mathews and Montcrief BUT we really need a speed burner like Hilton.

Thanks for your work.

Gross. The 49ers should re up Boldin and Terell Brown and Let Whitner & Rogers hit the road.
49ers trade Kendal Hunter for a 4th round draft pick. (We need to give Lattimore a chance to play and Hunter a chance to start)

3c. Dominique Easley DE 6-2 285. Easley is a first round talent that can drop to the third round due to injury.

I like the injury picks that you have the 49ers making. Niners have shown that they will draft and stash.

However, I don't understand the Kendall Hunter trade. Why in the world would we need to trade Kendall Hunter if as you state you has a chance to start? If Lattimore can't beat him out, he can't beat him out. It's that simple. That's football. Gore and Bruce Miller are free agents after next year and hopefully Hunter, Lattimore and James will help fill the void.

Love Dominique Easley. His story is similar to Tank Carridine who was picked #40 last year. I have a hard time envisioning Easiley being there in the late third. we'd be lucky to nab him with our #77, our 1st 3rd.

Also along the same lines of the draft and stash method, I also see the 49ers drafting Aaron Murray, who seems to fit the mold of what Harbaalke looks for in a QB, mobile, accurate, smart and a winner.

I see Colvin, Millard, Murray and the new one you gave me Spencer Long as nearly no brainer 49er picks. I had Jake Olson OT from CMU, but I feel like they have a few tackles that they've already invested in one being Carter Bykowski on the practice squad and Luke Marquardt on the NFI list.
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