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VDSF Mock Draft!

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1st - Jordan Matthews - WR Vanderbilt - 6' 3" 205

2nd - Xavier Su'a-Filo - OG UCLA - 6' 3" 304

2nd - Anthony Johnson - DT LSU - 6' 3" 295

3rd - Ed Reynolds - S Stanford - 6' 2" 205

3rd - Christian Jones - OLB Florida State - 6' 3" 232

4th - Terrance Mitchell - CB Oregon - 5' 11" 195

5th - Stephen Morris - QB Miami - 6' 2" 210

6th - Kenarious Gates - OT Georgia - 6' 5" 327

7th - Cody Latimer - WR Indiana - 6' 2" 215

7th - Shamar Stephen - DT Connecticut - 6' 5" 313

7th - Ben Gardner - DE Stanford - 6' 4" 275

7th - Aaron Colvin CB - Oklahoma - 5' 11" 182
I luv J.Matthews not sure we need to spend a 2nd pick on a DT when CB N S are bigger needz...I rather have a C OR G in tha 3rd I think we're set at OLB N frm what i've seen Latimer wont last til tha 7rd....
Don't know how I would feel about this draft. Matthews is a fine pick as is Reynolds. Colvin in the 6th wouldn't be terrible either. Otherwise I would be pretty disappointed.
Not a fan of taking a G and DT that high while we have bigger needs and holes to fill at SS/CB.

Plus, we only have 3 seventh round picks, not 4.
I really like the Jordan Matthews pick, one of my favorite wide receivers in the draft, and IMO, probably has the most polished game next to Sammy Watkins and Allen Robinson. I also really like the Colvin pick in the later rounds. Talk about getting the most out of a 7th round pick. Redshirt him for the year, let him heal completely, learn the system ala Lattimore, Tank. Low risk, high reward deal.

With that said, everything else is pretty underwhelming. As others pointed out, not sure how I'd feel about using such early picks on secondary needs (OG, DT) at worst. The earlier picks should be used on revamping the secondary (CB/SS).

Not a big fan of Reynolds either. Rather have Bucannon who can hit as hard as Hitner but potentially better coverage skills. If we need to replace Hitner, that's the guy we need to go after.
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49ers are losing 2 corners but only replacing 1 in this scenario, meaning you're counting on someone like Cox to be a slot corner next season, not ideal. No additional speed added at WR, now the 49ers would have 4 possession receivers if Boldin is re-signed, instead of 3. Those are my two biggest concerns. Guard really isn't a pressing need at the moment, not with Looney on the roster currently.

I do rather like the Johnson pick if he was drafted there, good value and while someone will get mad about adding DL, I no curr, Tomsula can make random scrubs look solid, with guys who have a naturally higher ceiling, I'm sure he can do a lot better.
Not sure we really need to draft a healthy OG, DT or OLB in the first 3 rounds of the draft.

I think before you do any mock draft, consider the 2013 Redshirts, the return of Ian Williams at NT and to a lesser extent the practice squad.

5- 2013 Redshirts


Practice Squad:

OT: Bykowski, Carter
OG: Netter,
DT: Purcell, Mike

Just don't think we need to draft any Defensive Tackles, Offensive Tackles or OLB's early. In regards to O-line and OLB's we have arguably the best O-line in the leage and the best OLB's in the league. We also have Darius Fleming coming back from another ACL, but I don't except anything from him, but he's still another guy in camp who has the advantage of 2 years learning the defensive philosophy and terminology.
3 picks on defensive linemen on our team is an absolute waste and Morris has looked really average as a QB so far this off-season. I think you need to reassess what the Niners needs truly are.

That said, love the WR picks and Reynolds at safety. Sua-Filo would be a good pick if the Niners don't extend Iupati.
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