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Phoenix49ers Mock Draft 5.0

I absolutely love Lamarcus Joyner but not for CB. Joyner is the guy I want to replace Donte Whitner. Joyner is in the mold of an Earl Thomas and will take te 49ers secondary to the next level.

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No Abrrederis in the mock? meh
Originally posted by communist:
No Abrrederis in the mock? meh

I thought about it, but went with Moncrief for the upside............I know, I sold out.
You love him like I love Abbrederis. It's ok

Matthews is gone by the end of the 2nd, you think?
I just realized I want a WR that can physically beat Dick Sherman to a pulp.
Originally posted by communist:
No Abrrederis in the mock? meh

Every couple years, my buddy and I adopt a Badger player and call him our son. A few years ago we adopted Abby when he was just a walk-on, non-scholarship kid. He has been awesome at Wisconsin. Gets open, makes big plays, and is a good leader. Would love to have him be a 49er, but I won't just how effective he would be in the NFL. Now Borland, would be another Badger worth look at with Bow out. And Beau Allen as a Nose.
I love this mock!!! I would do backflips though if we could land Davante Adams with the Moncrief pick

I think you mock is spot on with the trade back.... we WILL NOT stay at #30. We either trade up for a good CB/WR/DL that slides a bit or more realistically we
trade back into the top of the 2nd round and get a 1st round talent and stock pile picks for next years draft.

Im starting to get torn on if we should re-sign whitner and/or Boldin
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