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First 2014 Mock Draft

Well, here's my mock draft. Don't hate too hard!

Rd 1 – Trade down for next year's 1st and this year's 3rd.

2a – Davante Adams, WR, Fresno State, Easily my favorite WR in this draft. The kid looks and plays like a combination of Boldin and Crabtree. Solid frame and just goes and gets it. Caught way too many touchdowns in his time at Fresno State and I see him continuing that success in the NFL. I think he's the most NFL-ready WR in the draft IMO.

2b – Kyle Fuller, CB, Virginia Tech, Ball hawk. He runs routes better than the WRs sometimes and can fly to the ball when it is released from the QB's hand. The negative to this guy is that sometimes he gets burned because he jumps the route, but very knowledgeable about down and distance situations.

3a – Bryan Stork, C, Florida State, Just because Goodwin will be gone. Oh, and Stork was the Remington trophy winner and a 2nd team All-American who started 39 games as Florida State...

3b – Jared Abbrederis, WR, Wisconsin, This is a true slot receiver. We don't have one by any means, unless Boldin counts. Abbrederis is a great route runner and finds open spots in the defense very well. Sort of reminds me of a Welker type receiver. Runs good routes, has great hands and gets open almost every play it seems.

3c – Dominique Easley, DT, Florida, Just as explosive off the line as any D-lineman I've seen in recent years. Absolutely flies off the snap of the ball and gets major penetration really quickly. If he gets that explosiveness back and studies a year under Justin, him and Tank could be a nightmare at DE.

3d – Daniel McCullers, NT, Tennessee, Big bodied NT to clog up the middle finally. Consistently required double teams in the SEC, including double teams by Alabama's host of first round draft picks and All-Americans last year.

4 – Craig Loston, SS, LSU, Physical safety. I'm liking this kid more and more every time I watch a video with him in it. Plus, it can't hurt to reunite the formidable duo of Reid and Loston.

5 – Aaron Murray, QB, Georgia, IMO the best NFL-ready QB in the draft. Started for 4 years at Georgia. Has played tough competition in the SEC and I thought he was the best QB in college football this year before his injury, considering who he had to work with.

6 – De'Anthony Thomas, RB, Oregon, We need something to happen to our return game. If Thomas really does last this long he could be a reason to move on from LMJ.

7 – L'Damian Washington, WR, Missouri, A flier. He has some issues, but the kid came from nothing and is really a physical freak. 6'4", 215, runs 4.3 40. If nothing comes of him, then we wasted a 7th round pick, but he has a TON of potential. He also was a gunner on special teams at Missouri, and was very valuable for them in that regard.

7 – Phillip Gaines, CB, Rice, One of my favorite low profile CBs. I think we need more than one in the draft and I think Gaines might actually beat out people to make the roster, including Fuller, Morris, or Cox. A lot of talent in this guy.

7 – Marquis Spruill, ILB, Syracuse Simply because. Spruill has a small frame but flies all over the field. Would be great for special teams IMO. Here's a full breakdown:

7 – C.J. Barnett, SS, Ohio State Again, just because. Cerebral player. We could use this guy again on special teams and he started at SS for OSU 38 games in his career. Highly touted prospect out of high school (Under Armour All-American), and could return to an elite level given the right coaching.

Also, if you're wondering why the heck I'm not taking a pick with our first round selection, here is my thought: Crabtree probably won't be resigned. He has caused issues in the past with commanding too much money, and I fear that could happen again. Also, Boldin won't be playing forever. So we have two first round picks next year, allowing us to move up into the top 10 (potentially easily!) to grab Dorial Green-Beckham. That is if he doesn't do anything else stupid with weed this next year. This would mean that in 2015, we have our WRs: Boldin (if we resign him for 2-3 years like I expect), Green-Beckham, Davante Adams, General Patton, Jared Abbrederis, and L'Damian Washington, if he can do something with his potential. That's a young tough group moving forward!
I've thought heavily about trading down, particularly if Dennard and Gilbert are both gone. This is a scenario that I could live with. We address the need at corner, get some true burners at receiver (I'm counting De'Anthony Thomas as a receiver also lol), getting a potential monster on the d-line with Dominique Easley, competition for the starting center position, and I like the McCollers pick as well. I can see a guy like that being active, specifically for games against teams like Seattle, Green Bay and any other team with bruising backs that can run up the middle. Unfortunately it doesn't fit our scheme and I don't see our coaching staff adapting- yet (maybe we finally see some changes in offensive and defensive philosophy).
I like this mock, more so the moving out of the 1st round part. In a team as stacked as ours with all the young talent and players coming off of injury that we have their is no reason to clog the roster full of players who will get cut or rot away on the bench. Moving a pick forward can delay you but never hurt you as much as drafting the wrong player.
Damn I kind of like this mock.
do you think lamichael james ho hum career to date has dropped danthony thomas draft prospects...dude was a top hs recruit, performed well at oregon and i see him in alot of mock being projected as a 3rd day pick
While I really, really like most of the players you chose, I would suggest reconsidering the McCullers pick. The guy is big and worthless. Not the effective NT his size would lead you to believe. However, in that spot, you may be able to get Justin Ellis, who is almost as big, and a much better player.
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