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Brandin Cooks- WR, Oregon St.

I like Cooks, and it's weird that there isn't more of a following for him. draft sites consider Landry and Beckham more likely to make the 1st round with Cooks and Davante Adams rounding out the 2nd.
Id trade down for cooks instead of trade up for marquise lee. Perfect slot speed receiver we need
if we can come away from the draft with Brandin Cooks and either Landry/Matthews/Moncrief, i'd be very happy
Everybody talks about us lacking the BIG THREAT, but we lack a quick receiver too. Our recievers are all pretty similar in skill set, possession receivers. Cooks is my favorite receiver that we have a chance of drafting. Watkins is my favorite but he's a top10 guy. I want Cooks though but only after we grab a CB.
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Either this guy or Jarvis Landry.
How is he as a return man?
I love the guy, too...I think we go CB in the 1st rd (assuming Baalke doesn't trade out of it). We should be able to get Cooks in 2nd rd (KC pick). If Whitner walks Baalke might pull the trigger on a S...hopefully, Bucannon. Would love both guys in that rd.
my nephew played pop warner with this dude, he was a beast even back then.

true story
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Just watch what he does to offenses. He is exactly what we need ! This isn´t his most productive game but just his presence on the field opens up so much underneath ! He is not not just a small fast guy. HE IS THE REAL DEAL !
Just watched his highlights, kind of does remind me of Steve Smith.
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Originally posted by verb1der:
Just watched his highlights, kind of does remind me of Steve Smith.

Yep. Kendall Wright from the Titans is another one that comes to mind !
Who does Watkins relate to in regards to current NFL WRs? Andre Johnson or AJ Green, or Dez type of talent?
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I think Steve Smith and Antonio Brown are valid comparisons for Cooks but I'm terrible at comparing players
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Originally posted by 49oz2superbowl:
The more I watch this wr class I think there is a considerable dropoff after Brandin Cooks. I see Watkins, Lee, Evans, Allen, and Cooks as the only true first round worthy wr's from a skillset perspective. Neither of the LSU receivers possess the speed and ability to separate that Cooks does and neither were even close to as productive (with a much better qb). Cooks is extremely underrated at this point and come draft day we will all be praying he falls to our pick in the 1st round. People saying Jordan Matthews in the 1st and Cooks in the 2nd need to understand that Matthews is more likely to fall to our 3rd rounder than Cooks is to our 2nd rounder. If Cooks were a few inches taller we would be talking about a top 10 lock. Fortunately height is extremely overrated given how few players actually user their height effectively.

Just the same way I said that Justin Hunter wasn't going to happen, I don't think Cooks is going to happen. He is truly special, when it comes to being a horrible, atrocious blocker. Bad technique and little to no effort to block, in this offense, where EVERY receiver blocks, not sure how he fits. Compared to the LSU guys who excel in pretty much every facet as receivers, I do think that Cooks leaves a bit to be desired.

He's similar to Antonio Brown in some ways, also similar to Desean Jackson, but looks to be primarily a slot guy in the NFL. The blocking though is an issue definitely, its not just that he needs to be coached up, he gave halfhearted efforts at blocking at best....that won't fly in those offense.
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