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No C or OG early

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I would pick Yankey or Swanson with a 2nd. Kilgore and Looney may be the answer but behind Kilgore there's 0 depth. By drafting Swanson you're getting depth, competition,,and a high ceiling player. Not to mention drafting a center for depth is much more efficient than looking to FA. You're getting a young and driven player. With the way this Oline has developed a guy like Swanson becomes a 10 year starter. He literally can do everything. He was the focal point to Arkansas potent ruahing attack. He can single block the NT, pull, peel, and man block the 2nd level.

Boone and Iupati have contract years coming up. With all the key pieces that need resigning someone is going to hit FA. Most likely a guard and although we have solid depth wth Snyder and Looney we will need another body. Why not be proactive with the Oline? Drafting a guy like Yankey gives you a G/T that can pick snap in jumbo and swing T. I really think this could be a Harbaugh pick. Yankey is essentially tailor made for this system. If he comes into training camp and starts getting it you'll motivate the entire line.

Ultimately I think the Line needa a shake up. Not a replacement of players but some fresh air in the unit. And lets be honest we're losing Iupati next year so a guard just makes sense.

I like Yankey also, but I don't think we lose Iupati. We find a way to get him, Crabs, Aldon and Kaep signed IMO. I don't think Iupati will demand elite G money due to his down year this year and his desire to stay with the team.

Are you serious? A guy regarded as one of the best guards in the league won't command top dollar at his position?

It's just wishful really want to believe our guys will take less money to stay here for some reason. If Andy Levitre can get 6 years/$48M, Iupati can too if not more. Hell, the Raiders have a s**t-ton of cap space the next few years and would love a guy like Iupati on their interior.

Well said. Just like A. Davis, the Niners hope to sign Iupati to a long term extension that is in the top 10 of all players at that position, but not top 5. That would keep Iupati somewhere below $ 6 million per year and save the Niners anywhere from $ 1-2 million per season. Right now, A. Davis sits at #8 in yearly salary for all RT's, but they got him to sign a 7 yr extension. Let's see if Baalke can work his magic again.
We need a C desperately. There is a reason Looney and Kilgore were drafted in the later rounds. I know they are high on both of those, but we need them to be better than Adam Snyder which they weren't. Therefore, I expect us to draft a C early, possibly the second in Swanson or Richburg. I expect Richburg to jump into the 2nd round after the Combine plus his very good play at the Senior Bowl. Richburg and Benjamin are my man crushes this year. I want Richburg badly as he has the IQ to start from day one plus he has excellent feet, violent hands and is tenacious through the whistle. Man, he can get to the second level fast and that is needed in this run-heavy offense with the amount of pulls we do.

Richburg please.

We might need a C pretty early. We are talking about reducing the cap #'s and cutting our veteran guy. So we need a C. All the other conversations are about converted Guards on our team to play C. We have no idea how that will work out. Better to get a real C.
We need a Guard, Center, and Tackle. The great debate is whether Looney, Seymour, Netter will be a quality Guard or just a poor backup. Same for Kilgore as Center. And then Bykowski at Tackle. So we have players, the great issue will be whether Baalke wants a draft pick to backup these positions or whether he can get a quality FA like Goodwin 3 years ago? So for me, I think Baalke will address all three of these positions in the draft.
@nintertico: Bruce Miller was a 7th-rounder, Ian Williams was an UDFA.

Sometimes you can eliminate the player's weaknesses which have induced a fall in the draft.
We draft gaurds and tackles nearly every year, seeing as how Mike is on the last leg of his contract and is often injured, I would rather draft his replacement sooner rather than later.
We have plenty of picks, including probably 6 in the first 3 rounds. Why not use a high enough first day pick to get the Center of the Future who will play every down for 6-8-10 years at a high level, instead of getting by with makeshift replacements and using draft picks on another AJ Jenkins or LaMichael James who may or may not ever contribute. Don't even have to use a first round or high second round pick to do it. Still enough picks to get a good CB, WR, SS if Whitner leaves, a backup QB, DL and OL prospects, quality players with injuries, and a spare RB if you want another one.

Barrows seems to agree with me here, I think most on this board will be surprised when Kilgore or Looney step in at C for Goodwin this coming season and if needed at LG after Iupati leaves if we're not able to extend/re-sign him (which I think unfortunately will end up happening after we extend Kaep, Aldon & Crabs)

"Many mock drafts and offseason prognostications have the 49ers acquiring a center because Goodwin, 35, is not expected back. The 49ers, however, absolutely teem with heretofore underutilized young players on the offensive line, including former draft picks Kilgore and Looney. Kilgore has been filling in at times for Goodwin - in training camp, in preseason games, in garbage time - for the last two seasons, and my sense is that he will step into the starting center position in 2014"
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