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tight ends

who is the best prospect among eric ebron, jace amaro and ausin seferian jenkins...

ebron looks alot like vernon davis athletetically but seems to be more of a natural catcher
amaro seems more destined for a jimmy graham type role
jenkins may the best combo of catcher and blocker
I think Jenkins is going to be limited on the route tree in the NFL. The LBs will be big enough and athletic enough to cover him. That said hes the best blocker. LSU and Wash played 2 years ago and he blocked Mingo out most of the game. He has the frame for it.

Ebron is clearly the best reciever. If you've seen him play you know he can run almost any route. May not be clean routes but that can be worked on. He's a poor blocker though. Im sure he won't be doing it that much tho. He's going to have problems blocking NFL LBs and probably becomes a liability in that area. I'm sure he can learn how to be a better blocker but if he's whiffing in college he may never be the guy you can count on in that area.

Amaro is my favorite of the 3. He's a basty blocker that looks like hes trying the guys head off. Strong hands and explosive will love that. Hes not as fast as Ebron but I bet he wont be far behind. He has that long powerful stride though. He could be the best overall prospect but he needs to clean up his route running which his position coach should do.
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