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Jason Verrett-CB-TCU

Originally posted by CWin4949:
Originally posted by Raul98:
Originally posted by CWin4949:
Trade up for Cooks, then trade right back up for Verrett.

Immediate contributors.

Dream scenario but Baalke wont do it cause it makes to much sense.

Never know, they have the ammo to do it.

One thing for sure, I never remember a time the Niners had such a talented roster AND so many quality draft picks to be able to not hurt the roster by moving up for a player(s) that could make an immediate impact.

It's going to be fun to watch....
Believe me i would love this scenario but Baalke will screw it up he will say Verrett doesn't have the right "look" hes not going to see his skills just his height but maybe we get lucky and he actually does his job and picks for talent and not looks. If we don't get Verrett i will be mad he can help this team.
We have a big need at nickel corner so taking the best nickel corner oin the draft who is also a bay area native makes a lot of sense.