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irishluder's mock draft V1.0

So first off.... I am NOT a draft guru, i just really enjoy the draft process.

I will be doing a few mocks before the draft gets here, obviously prior to the Senior Bowl and East West Game and the Combine, its hard to tell where alot of these guys will go in the mid to late rounds. I used CBS sports, DraftTek, and Bleacher Report 7 round mock, to get a feel for possible rankings and rounds they would go. I know that Bleacher is not the best to use, but theres not alot of mocks that go past 2-3 rounds.

So with that being said here is my mock and theory what will improve our team, which will be hard to do since were one of the most complete teams in the NFL.

Its clear that Kaep will need another season to get better at reading his progressions, but you CAN NOT deny his connection with Boldin and Crabtree! Baalke needs to keep them on the team. Kaep will need to be extended soon, and I think now is the time to get the best deal. I loved when we draft Iupati, but we dont have the cap room to keep him, Crabs is more important that a guard. I didn't always feel this way, i hated the diva, but he's opened my eyes the past 2 seasons.

We are a defensive team... its our bread and butter and we must draft to keep our defense at an elite level. Our secondary, both CB and SS, are needs. We drafted Dial and Tank last year, but we need to make sure that we have DL depth especially as Justin Smith gets older. Dorsey was a nice FA. Donte Whitner has been a great leader and plays smart, we must keep him! He may have lost a bit of speed in coverage, but he plays the run and makes recievers think twice about high catches along the middle of the field.


Boldin 2yrs
Whitner 2yrs


Kaep 7yrs
Crabtree 5yrs


49ers Trade 1st round pick to Cleveland for 2nd(#35) and 4th rounder
**Cleveland drafts Allen Robinson

49ers Trade 2nd and late 3rd to move up to mid 2nd


2nd (f/ Cleveland)Davante Adams, WR, Fresno State
Baalke goes and gets great value in a trade back to get that extra 4th rounder. Adams will be a playmaker for us down the road once Boldin is ready to retire. Tall fast and strong, perfect to take pressure off Crabtree and a great redzone target.Catches the ball well and has strong hands to fight for the ball and catch those lazers that Kaep throws.

2nd Bradley Roby, CB, Ohio State
Quality over quantity, we trade up for a 1st round talent that had a poor year. Roby wont have to be a #1 CB immediately and can give us some needed depth. Plays bigger than his size and is a very good cover corner.

2nd (f/KC) Dominique Easley, DE, Florida
1st round talent that will sit out his rookie year due to injury ,ala Tank and Lattimore, Baalke draft special.

3rd Travis Swanson, C, Arkansas
The Center class isn't very good apparently, but hes the best of 2014. Hoping he last's till here. If not wait till the 4th/5th for a Center. I hope that Killgore can fill in if the rookie isn't ready.

3rd(comp) Craig Loston, SS, LSU
This makes so much sense, he's a solid player that can take his time next season and soak up the defense. He reunites with former team mate Eric Reid and can learn from Whitner for a year and then fill in for injuries and compete for starting job.

4th(f/ Cleveland) Keith McGill, CB, Utah
A big corner to matchup with the bigger receivers that the NFL is producing

4th Daniel McCullers, NT, Tennessee
A big fattie to clog the middle and make running on the 49ers that much harder. Plus gives us more depth on the DL.

5th Jimmy Garoppolo, QB, Eastern Illinois
We need someone to groom behind Kaep. This guy has been a webzone favorite. I also like Aaron Murray here. I think there will be alot of 1st and 2nd round QB's taken and the backup's will last further into the draft.

6th Justin Britt, OT, Missouri
An OT from the SEC to groom for a backup role.

7th Dri Archer, WR/PR, Kent State
A small school undersized speedster, perfect for kick returns. Hard to evaluate where he goes due to his small frame.

7th Asa Watson, TE, North Carolina State
Delanie 2.0? Worth a shot in the 7th

7th Ricardo Allen, CB, Purdue
More CB options for TC, could be great for the PS

7th Jeremy Gallon, WR, Michigan
More competition for returning kicks, possession reciever.
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Allen and Archer won't go that late.
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Originally posted by Travisty13:
Allen and Archer won't go that late.


I like the mock, the trades, and the positions selected. I think you are undervaluing a lot of players in your mock. Swanson should be a 1st-2nd round pick. Garoppolo should go earlier.

Again, if available, hell of a draft. But I don't feel that it's realistic based on rankings across the board.
nice job
thanks guys, i agree that most of my 7th round picks are best case senario's

I'm really excited for how deep this draft is at WR and CB
Good over all draft but i agree with a few playerz wont be there ...also not a fan of McCullers I dont watch much college ball but did see 1 or 2 tennessee gamez N he didnt show me anything rather use that pick on another WR or O-line ...
Originally posted by Travisty13:
Allen and Archer won't go that late.

Originally posted by tatdwolf49:
Good over all draft but i agree with a few playerz wont be there ...also not a fan of McCullers I dont watch much college ball but did see 1 or 2 tennessee gamez N he didnt show me anything rather use that pick on another WR or O-line ...

Both of these, Mccullers is not needed, we got Dorsey/Williams and Dial. A guard here would be good since in this case we lose Iupati. Other than that good draft
wheres the pick from KC
Originally posted by theninermaniac:
wheres the pick from KC

LOL you're right, WTF I thought I tallied the picks up correctly

I'll adjust
I dont doubt that Guard is a partial need, but with Looney and Kilgore who have been coached up for the past 2 seasons, one will need to step up when Iupati leaves.
We dont have a BIG NT and with Lynch running up the gut on us, we need to scheme for seattle. Ellington in Arizona could be a nightmare for us too.

You covered the teams needs as I perceive thumbs up!
Anyone wonder how fall Easley will fall due to the injury? I picked him in the 4th in my mock, but I keep hearing talk that people (not just fans, but also reading sites) that someone would take him in the 2nd.
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