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I watched a handful or more of SC games, and generally came away liking Shaw and his ability. I really can't say for sure whether he has what it takes to transition to the pros.. but I don't see why he wouldn't be a solid backup, at the very least.

If you would have asked me after last season I would have told you that he was not an NFL QB but he really progressed as a passer this season. The area the he got the best at was actually keeping his eye's down field while scrambling and he torched teams by coupling his elusiveness with his focus down field.

Not only that, but the kid heals faster than wolverine which is good with a mobile QB. He got an offer to the combine so he's got a chance to show his stuff.

cool.. I will wish him luck, and if he looks good? I will have him on my SF "draft board" in the later rds.