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Idaho's 2014 Mock Draft. V3.0

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Not crazy about trading up for Roby or Adams. I seriously doubt that Roby goes mid 1st round and I would rather wait and select Justin Gilbert if he is available.

If the Niners are going to use picks to move up in the draft I would like to go after Watkins or Lee.

You seriously would not be happy with Adams at the top of the second? A redshirt sophmore with incredible hands and sky high ceiling? Adams at the top of the second would be a steal.

Watkins aint gonna happen, people just need to forget about it.

I would be happier to deal a 4th to get Adams than a 3rd to move up for Roby thats for sure. But, I think Adams, Cooks, or Beckham could be available for the Niners with their 2nd rd pick.

My ideal first few picks:

1st Justin Gilbert - CB
2A Any of the 3 WRs I just named. Order would be Adams, Beckham, and Cooks
2B Travis Swanson C
3A Deonne Buchanon SS (deal 4th and first 3rd to move up to get him)
3B Morgan Breslin OLB ( like this kid but coming off injury)

Hey i would be pretty happy with that for sure, but i think there is a chance all three of the WR's you mentioned might be gone by the time we pick in the second. I expect all three to elevate their draft status this off season. If we could stay put and snag one, fine by me, but i think we are going to have to move to target the WR we want early, unless we take him at the end of the first. I expect a big run on WR's at the end of the first through the mid second round.

Personally i think it is a difference of opinion of value on trading picks. Personally with the depth we have and amount of picks we have i dont mind sacrificing a pick or two to make sure we get the guys we want. I fully expect a move or two in the first two rounds. It doesnt have to be the guys i like, but i think Baalkie will certainly move to get the guys he likes this year.
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Even if we take everything you just said as true, those points actually go against trading up for him...that is the point. Roby is a 2nd rounder. There are some guys worth trading up for, but he isn't one of them, and he may not even be worth a late 1st rounder. Dennard is the best CB coming out this year by far...after that there is a whole bunch of dudes in the mix for 2nd best CB none of which stir any kind of strong affinity IMO.

I LOVE that Verrett is now sort of dropping back into the conversation, he had a largely injured mired season but he's been a monster ballhawk, I kind of wrote him off back in August because I figured he'd be drafted way earlier but with Dennard and Gilbert playing the way they do, Roby sure to put up some monster Combine numbers, Verrett is a guy I'd love to see the 49ers use to replace Brown. Incredibly productive, always attacking the ball in the air, him and Brock combined would be turnover machines.
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