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Matt Miller (Bleacher Report) Full Mock Draft - 12/30

whither over boldin, and still pick up deonne buccanon in the 2nd to develop behind whitner and start the year after. and pick up benjamin, fuller, bucannon, jean-baptiste, l'damian washington, and morgan moses, and logan thomas 6th rd.
Originally posted by IdahoNiner:
Yea, there were a few of us that were real high on him, but the overwhelming majority of fans were not for whatever reason. Most of it was to justify the love affairs with guys like Hill and Randle who were favorites around here. But yea, if you mentioned Jeffery as a late first rounder you got mocked. They would tell you he was fat and slow, had horrible work ethic, and would be a bust in the NFL. Then they would post this picture as proof.......

Yep Idaho. Got that he was fat and slow. But damn he is explosive IMO. We missed on this one.
Originally posted by AB81Rules:
Yeah 1 CB isn't enough with the potential of cutting Rogers, and losing Brown in FA. And another early WR for me, since Mario is likely gone.
brock and culliver will be here; i assume that chris will be recovered up to 100%.
drafting a CB (high) is a must but going for another one in the first 3 rounds is too much imo. I'd rather go for a safety/cb-twin like exum or boston.
and sign another CB-backup through FA or draft one late.

isn't patton the successor of mario, given his type?
Another quick or fast WR would be nice if we keep Baldwin. If not, we should spend a look at big WRs in the first place, imho. Boldin won't be here forever and Crabtree is a FA in.2015.
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