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Do we need to draft a Center?

I would be ok with letting Goodwin and Iupati walk in FA and inserting Kilgore and Looney into the starting lineup. We may need to draft some depth and maybe bring in an experienced vet to compete. But that may be the best for our team overall.

Kapernick will need to earn his contract extension by learning to find his 2nd and 3rd receiving options quicker, because if Iupati and Goodwin walk due to salary cap restrictions, the OL may suffer a bit. But I think in the long-run, Kilgore and Looney will prove out.
Only if we KNOW he'll be good other then that focus on other OL prospects
Isnt Joe Looney supposed to be Ian Williams 2.0
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Originally posted by AB81Rules:
Travis Swanson, Tyler Larsen, or Weston Richburg for me at Center. Mid rounds I would take a Center.

Absolutely…anyone of those picks would be awesome .. I would love to see the 9ers pick up Swanson but I don't think he'll make it to any of our mid-round picks. Goodwin has to go..weakest link in our o-line
Originally posted by BadgerHawk:
I think so. If Kilgore or Looney were the answer they would be playing ahead of Goodwin already.

I'm not so sure about that, this coaching staff likes veterans and although he's not a stud, Goodwin has played pretty well on one of the best OL's in the NFL for a long time. Sorta a if it's not broken don't fix it type of thing is how I see it. As for the OP question, I think either Kilgore or Looney will take Goodwin's spot next year, spending a 5th-7th round pick on a backup wouldn't be a bad idea.
I can see Kilgore get a similar deal to Ian Williams with the expectation he lifts and takes the starting job in the offseason
If Kilgore starts and Goodwin retires then we need depth.
Originally posted by English:
If Kilgore starts and Goodwin retires then we need depth.

Yup. Anyway you slice it, we will be drafting a guard/center high. I'm assuming it will be someone that can challenge for the starting position and won't be a Jason Slowey type of developmental pick.
Goodwin will either retire or let go, and Kilgore will probably be the guy to have to lose that spot. Either way, though, they'll need depth or Snyder/Looney will be the back up.,

From what I understand, Goodwin is believed to be retiring after this season. Which is okay with me. He's over paid and doesn't pass block very well. I've witnessed countless lack luster efforts in pass pro and/or just beat by the A gap defender. Kaep already has issues with staying in the pocket and doesn't need contributing factors like a slug for a Center
Kilgore plays a lot in the Jumbo package and appears to play well when he does get in. Looney settled down and played pretty well at G when Boone had to go to LT when Staley was out. One of them will start at Center year and I bet it is Kilgore. But, we will need to draft a combo Guard / Center for depth because Goodwin is gone. We only have Bykowski on the Practice Squad.
Originally posted by SanDiego49er:
Yes we need a center. The amount of cap we are allocating toward center is rediculous.

This ^
Yes for the love of god Goodwin better be cut for cap and performance reasons.....
Originally posted by Eastcoastniner:
Yes for the love of god Goodwin better be cut for cap and performance reasons.....

Goodwin has been the weak link in the offensive line all year long. No way he starts next year. I bet he'll retir
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