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So many picks

Originally posted by LBSI9ers:
Yea that's why he's on the bench right now. Cause he's so talented missed that 1 ty for pointing it out.
kaep sucks this year, in parts. Newton sucked last year. it happens.

rg3 has got a lot of talent. it does not disappear because of one bad season.

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Besides the trade I already mentioned (one of our 7ths for Johnathan Martin) I can see us packaging picks to move up for a receiver (Sammy Watkins please). Other than that, after our needs at QB, Tackle, guard/center, WR (2), CB (2), S(1) are met, I'd like to see us do the usual and get picks for 2015 and there's always the Trent Baalke rehab special lol, draft a 1st-3rd round talent in the 7th. The only other position I'd rather get a veteran for is QB. It's not likely that we get a good skill position player on a rookie contract unless something is really wrong. Can anyone think of anyone that might be available?
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Originally posted by LifelongNiner:
Besides the trade I already mentioned (one of our 7ths for Martin), the only others I can see are possibly moving up for a receiver (Sammy Watkins please).
can you complete the sentence?
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