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Draft idea

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I know this will sound crazy, but hear me out. we currently have a dominant defense, we have a great from 7 that makes the back 4 look good. we do not need to commit safety to the box to stop the run. I know we need good CB to help create time for DL to reach the QB, but it scares me seeing players like Dee Milliner, Kirkpatrick, Amukamara coming out and being projected high, come into the league and fall flat. Next year we have projected CBs of Culliver, Brock and Wright (resign) which would allow us to cut Rodgers and not have to resign Brown. However, I really would want for us to resign Hitner since he is the heart and soul of the DBs. So many times his hard hits set the tone and scare opposing WR from wanting to run down the middle. He should also be cheap to resign

On the other front, people here want to trade multiple picks to move up the draft and pick Evans or Sammy Watkins. Let me ask you all, what has Tavon done for St Louis or how many championships has Desean won Philly? besides, we have Crab and Patton for next year, if we resign Boldin,we will have Crab, Boldin and Patten a trio that I would be very very happy with. Seeing crab wiggle free on that TD yesterday made me realize how great he is. resign crab and Boldin this year and we will not have a need for Watkins, especially for a team that is #32 in passing attempt in the league. we are not the patriots or broncos or eagles, we do not throw the ball 40 times a game, therefor, having Watkins who is a liability at run blocking is detrimental with the current offensive philosophy.

these are our needs I feel
1. Our defense started ballin since Justin Smith and P willis came to the team. Unfortunately Justin is getting old, we need to draft replacement. I really want Rashede Hagman in first rd! imagine future line of Aldon, hageman, Okoye/Dorsey and Carradine!!!!
2. Slot CB could be a need, I can see verrette dropping out of the 1st rd for height issue, trade up in 2nd and nab him
3. Do not need to resign Iupati, allow him to hit free agent market, so we need to draft replacement now. We also need a capable center to take over Goodwin who is sometimes a liability in protection. Get a future center/OG.

my ideal draft
1. Hageman (trade up 1st/our 3rd)
2a. Lamarcus Joyner (versatile SS/slot CB type, great security to slide to SS if Whitner doesn't resign or gets injured, can also cover for reid)
2b. Brandin Cooks WR/KR/PR
3a. trade for 2015 2nd rd pick and 4th in 2013
3b. traded
3c. C/OG

trade Lamichael James to philly for 2015 4rd rd pick

We will have an extra 2nd/4th in 2015 NFL draft
Don't buy your premise that the d line is the top priority. not with Carradine, Dial, TJE, Dobbs, Dorsey, Smith, McDonald, AND Ian Williams all potentially back next year. It's a CB or WR early. Wouldn't mind Cooks as one of our two WR picks that should be made next year. Joyner is a possibility, but I don't think he fits the profile the Niners want in a DB because of his size. C would be the call in the third unless Iupati doesn't get resigned. Think OG Gabe Jackson out of Miss St. would be a good fit at that point.
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