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Brent Urban-DE/DT-Virginia

Big defensive end who has shown flashes of brilliance. Standing at 6'7", he's improved in the ability to bat down passes at the line of scrimmage and has noticeably improved as a run defender. He has received an invite to the Senior Bowl and he's one prospect I'll be keeping an eye on for sure. Looks to be a 5th-6th rounder right now. He's a guy with a lot of potential but badly needs to be coached up, seeing as how the 49ers have Tomsula, he could be an interesting addition to the 49ers.

"Brent Urban has garnered the attention of every scout," UVa head coach Mike London said Monday. "We've had every NFL team come through to our practice facility, and every scout has come in and said this guy's playing well. ... He's strong, powerful, can pass rush, can play well against the run, all of those things.

"He is definitely emerging as being, again, I'm just saying what the scouts are saying, a guy moving up the radar and catching a lot of people's eyes. So his game has improved and we're looking forward to him having better games as we move forward." Coming out of Lorne Park Secondary School in Ontario, Urban sought out programs that played in a 3-4 defensive scheme.

"Just from feedback and stuff," Urban said, "I kind of got the sense that, as a 3-4 end, I fit the prototype instead of the shorter, quicker D-ends or the shorter, more stocky D-tackles." At the time, UVa fit the mold. The Cavs ran a 3-4 under former coach Al Groh. Urban got to dabble in it for all of one season — his redshirt year of 2009 — before Groh was fired and London moved in. Virginia would be switching to a 4-3. By 2012, Urban would be switching to defensive tackle.

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It's the right spot, considering we actually may be ok at DE/NT. I still kind of want my run killing NT, but Ian Williams and Quinton Dial will be given a chance first to show what they can do next season.
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I could see him having the role of Dobbs if we draft him. Let him compete at DE and learn the blocking elements at TE. And his height at 6-7 could make him a redzone threat, and he'd be able to contribute on the special teams units.
The closer the draft gets, the more good prospects emerge. Would be a good addition to the rotation of Dial, Carradine, TJE, and McDonald at DE.
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